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When Searching For A Bass Guitar

When Searching For A Bass Guitar

You Should always Keep budget in mind, That is pretty obvious,
 Besides no body likes to have constraints.
But also you do not want to be paying for a bass a couple years after you have decided it is just not the instrument for you….. right ?
So if it is your first bass, Be sure to look at some nice used bass`s.
At least do not rule out the idea of buying used.
You can save some huge cash and step into a quality Bass Setup
Fairly Cheap.
With That said We Know the major brands,
You Got The Fenders, The Gibsons, Guilds, Dan Electro`s,
Yamaha`s ,Schecters , Peavey`s, And so on and on and on.
You might want to consider What I refer to as Junior Brands.
Let me explain a bit Fender Bass Guitars are world famous,
They are played by maybe the most big name musicians of any other brand.
And if you are just starting out they are expensive.
If you are a Pro Musician they are just a tool of the trade
And many Pro`s get them free as endorsements.
What I call a junior brand of Fender Is the Squire Series of Bass`s
They are licensed by Fender and built by Squire
under strict supervision by Fender for quality..
The cost`s of Squires can be as much as 1/3 the cost of the
Fender bass it was copied to look just like and play like.
And they really are good instruments now,
 Was not always the case.
Another Junior Brand is The Epiphone, They are designed
To look and play like The Gibson`s.




When I say junior brand ,That is just my word,
These are full size legit Bass Guitars, That play and look like their
Big brothers. In-fact many Pro Musicians are using these bass`s exclusively.
They are that good.
And of course you should consider any brand of Bass you happen to like.
And if the price presents a road block ,
Then by all means check out the used market.
A Good place to start would be somewhere where you could
 view all kinds of Bass Guitars in one place, You Could see if anything triggers your
Reactions when you see that perfect bass for you.
There are literally hundreds and hundreds of
Bass Guitars to check out all in one spot.
So Go Here Take Your Time and
Look For That Bass of your Dreams

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