Vox Phantom IV Bass, 1960s

Vox Phantom IV Bass, 1960s 




Here’s a fun, oddball beast of a bass: A mid-60s Italian-made Phantom IV in pink! If you look really carefully at the chips in the finish, you can tell it came from the factory in red. That said, it was already well-aged this way when I bought it in 1985. It also had the Fender-style pickup cover in place of the original Vox bridge cover then.

There are plenty of dings, as you can see, and the extra holes drilled under the makeshift bridge cover. The adjustment screws for the pickups are gone (were they ever there?) but the pickups are held steady in the pickguard. These typically warp pretty badly over time, but it’s not too severe on this one at all.

This bass is old and beat-up, but fully functional: Neck is true, action is even and totally playable, intonation pretty good too. It’s a chunkier neck, but I never found it more so than a P-bass neck (and I don’t typically like those because they’re too thick for my taste!).

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