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Take Care Of Our Instruments

 We Take Care Of Our Instrument

I Remember  dreaming of getting that new guitar on Christmas Morning,

It was the biggest thing of the year like most kids.

Cannot wait to open that big huge gift under the tree,

Its the biggest of all the gifts under the tree. Been awake all night I can sleep later.

Then at last its daylight, Time to wake everyone up.

Do you remember the smell of those Japanese guitars especially the acoustic models,

You open the box and that same smell, always seeped out from the guitar.

Its like no other smell I have ever smelled like part wood glue but something else too.

Hopefully not formaldehyde , But it was always good. Get all the gifts opened ,

Time to rock out. My folks had no problem keeping us well stocked

in cheap instruments. I can recall in the early days of getting new cheap guitars

 You get what you pay for.

Although we really tried to take good care of all our instruments.

As we got older quality and and costs increased. And so did the need to take

better care of our gear. No more throw away guitars,

Now we are trying to make them last forever.

Lots of demand for relic and Vintage gear. There are two things that

bother me most about how people handle Guitars… First playing without a strap,

And hauling around with out a case. I have seen my share of tragic things

happen because of  these silly mistakes. Hopefully people will learn how easy it is to take good care of our instruments. Always have a good strong strap that feels good to you and use it.

And  hauling around a guitar or something similar without a case is dumb. you could always make a guitar  case out of cardboard boxes  and duct tape.if need be.

Set examples with the younger musicians about good instrument care, Show them how to wipe down the guitars and drums keeping them clean makes them work correctly and sound better..Horn players are taught young to keep horns clean and rust free. Or they fail to work correctly.

It does not cost that much to take good care of our instruments. I`ll leave some links near the bottom of the page for great deals on guitar straps, and even some guitar cases, they will ship right to your home. please note: there could be a small commission this site makes on any sales from our links,we are not making a killing, it effects your costs none what so ever. and helps keep the site live. thanks for your support.



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