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Custom Fretless Bass Guitar 60`s

Custom Fretless Bass Guitar 60`scustom bass guitar1


Coolest, finest fretless bass you’ve “never” seen.

With this beauty, it was love at first sight, and we’ve been together for years.
I’m gonna miss her.wicked custom headwicked custom2-5

This mystery lady was hand made in Spain, late 60’s/ early 70’s (that’s all I know)
No brand
Solid, finest quality
Neck feels great.
Just right.
And LONG too!—>two full octaves (over 24 fret) about
3 inches longer than my Ric 4001
Truss rod moves freely and works perfectly.
Nice curved back
Cool binding
Wooden pickups
Wooden nut
Scroll head
Ebony fretboard

Sounds and plays BEAUTIFULY!

The wooden pickups with the wooden nut produce a Super Sweet “wooden” tone.

Doesn’t sound like the typical fretless… Not even!
No, this sounds much BETTER.
This one sounds more like a full bass..
Nice adjustment control options.
analog passive pickups.
Orange drop cap

The right person will love this bass.
You can’t find anything close to this for the price

There is slight wear on the bottom strap bolt area, where I’ve played it as a standup bass (on a stand with no strap).
Not noticeable really.