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Tag: Custom 2001 Mexi Jazz Bass

Custom 2001 Mexi Jazz Bass

jazz bass with stickers

For sale is a one-of-a-kind Fender Jazz bass in a stickerbomb finish with a custom carbon fiber textured pick guard and pearlescent serpentine neck decal. I bought this bass a few years back from a grad student when I lived in Idaho, and he said that he was the 2nd owner of the bass.

Judging by the serial number, it looks to be a 2001 J-Bass, made in Mexico. The 00-01 J-Basses are considered some of the best of the MiMs, and build quality is pretty much the same as my roommate’s USA J-Bass.

This bass was last serviced by Caleb Murdock at Keeney Bros music where it was set up, electronics checked, and fitted with some nice half wound strings and some low action. J-Basses are very adaptable, so I’m sure you could get an entirely different sound with a change of strings or pick-up.

EDITORS NOTES:    In General I am really opposed to stickers on Guitars, I Guess if you got to do it this one dont look so bad