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Tag: Changing Pickups On Your Bass Guitar

Changing Pickups On Your Bass Guitar

changing pickups on bass guitarChanging Pickups On Your Bass Guitar

Changing pickups on your Bass Guitar can actually change your old Bass Guitar into something brand new if you plan ahead,And know what you are looking for.Maybe you have a favorite that’s old or just does`t sound good anymore,Or maybe you have a bass that just never did sound good.Don’t be so quick to discard that bass guitar at least not the body just yet.

Ever consider changing the  pickups on that old bass guitar or electronics and make that weak tired sounding bass guitar sound like a 8.0 on the richter scale.? Well you can and a hell of allot cheaper than buying a brand new bass.

Parts are more and more,Easy to come by these days,They are making reproduction parts,And new old parts,And creating brand new gadgets at record speed and less expensive than ever. What used to be custom shop is now order ready right off the Internet Tone boosters ,Preamps, Pickups,Piezoes, ,Tone Cutters,special effects that make guitars and basses sound like a whole orchestras,Have flooded on to the Internet market. Just shop around you can can load your Guitar or Bass with the electronics of the most expensive models out there, And may I add with out breaking the bank.
You can make a old jazz bass`s active,By just changing that little chrome piece of your pickguard,You can get a new one with everything on it,Vol,Tone hi ,Tone med,low already  installed on the pick guard,For starting at about 45.00 bucks,How about those old pickups?
Now you can hot rod your old Japanese Basses you have hung onto for all these years,Like the Univox`s, and those Supro`s ,Harmony`s get em out of the closet, Put new life in them.
You can replace your alnico`s brand new for less than 50.00 bucks.change bass pickups
Gibson Bass Pickups try brand new humbuckers just like the thunder birds starting at 40.00 dollars.J Bass pickups brand new Active set of j bass pickups for a hundred bucks. Music Mans change out the old dead reproduction pickups on the imitation music mans that are out there change them out for the real thing 60.00 each.
Got a Beatles Bass copy laying around? Why not change the pickups on this bass guitar? I already researched it. How about putting some real hofner style chrome pickups on it starting at $30.00 each, or you can get the hofner control plate with active electronics,The little plate with the slide switches and knobs on it ? Up grade with active electronics starting at about  $105.00.
Many companies make new hot and active pickups for the factory Fenders ,Music Man,Ric’s,Hofners,And all the copies you can name, all you got to do is decide what you want.
And for the most part,No need to cut or router your guitar body,The new pickups come ready made to go right in where the old pickups came out.Just a little soldiering, And even some others are soldier free,You just twist the wires together away you go.
There are other modifications you can do too really change your Bass Guitar
You might have already seen these Roland makes a few models, It calls for changing the electronic pickup plus playing through a special preamp,But the sound is nothing but amazing,
You can actually produce horns,violins, unbelievable bass guitar sounds right from your 4 string bass.And much much more. Its incredible start sounding like White Album or Yellow Submarine.
I Wont even get into effects loops,And those type of recorded effects,That is a whole different bag of strings there. But by just changing the pickups and adding preamp,You will be shocked to see the improvements you can make to a tired old Bass Guitar.
One thing I must mention … I Don’t want someone to get started then find out I did not mention a important factor.All preamp systems well most of them anyways,Take a nine or two nine volts batteries,Too deliver the juice it takes to run a active preamp or pickup system.
Sometimes its necessary to put a hole in your Bass Guitar Body to install the battery holder.
But you can get lucky,I put A 9 Volt Active System in a old Passive Jazz Bass of mine and with the new mini pots being so small,I Was able too fit my new battery that i never had before, right inside the existing cavity already in the Bass Body.
So you can look for parts that will work with your situation and save alot of work or trouble if you are not sure about doing these kinds of modifications to your guitars.
And if you are uneasy about modifying one of your Bass`s take it to your favorite music store,Don’t ruin your Bass, Trying something you are not comfortable with doing as far as modifying  body`s and carving on your Guitars, a little slip or wrong calculation could be devastating.
This article is not about making any kinds of commissions on Bass Parts  or trying to earn points with any supplier ,its just as it appears information you can use,
So I am not recommending any certain parts or company to buy your new bass parts from just do a search online or go to your favorite Guitar Store and explain what you want to do they should be happy to help you out.