Spoonful Live Jack Bruce Ginger Baker Gary Moore

BBM Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Gary Moore – Spoonfull – live

Some of you younger Bass Players might not even know Who Jack Bruce is, That’s  O.K  because I am going to change that now (hopefully) It officially only lasted 3.5 years. It Was the foundation of our Rock And Blues music of Today. It was a combination of arguably one of the best Blues Guitarist of our times . And a new style Hard Hitting Drummer with solo`s so long at times you could forget what band you were listening too. And That legendary Bass Player who showed us all the Bass Guitar was more than a simple fill in background instrument, That failed Guitar Players who wanted to be in a band would grab, So they could stay in the band.  We are talking  about  Cream  of course, With

Eric  Clapton on Guitar , Ginger Baker on a huge drum set, And of  course Jack Bruce on Bass Guitar and vocals. Some will argue the greatest Rock Band of all times. Some will argue the Greatest Blues Band of all times, Mainly because of Clapton’s Guitar  Prowess in The Blues . And some will argue a over rated Psychedelic  Experience and nothing more.

But nobody can deny Cream`s role in our Rock Music foundation.  Dubbed The biggest Trio in music , The sound was huge. And the songs proved to be immortal. “White Room” “Sunshine of your love”, Go listen to “Strange Brew” And that bass line is incredible for the time in history it was recorded.  Want straight up Blues ? How about ” Sitting On Top Of The World ” Jack Bruce was Legendary, In that the Bass Player in this band was also responsible for most all the vocals.

And nobody can deny the  Standards that were set by  Jack Bruce`s Bass Playing. So sit Back take a listen before You Tube takes this down for copy rights violations. And Enjoy



Absolutely fantastic version of Spoonfull by Jack Bruce Ginger Baker and Gary Moore known as BBM at Montreux


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