Short Scale Ibanez Bass Guitar

 Short Scale Ibanez Bass Guitar

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>$75 worth of accessories INCLUDED in $180 price:
Upgraded knobs – KNOBEEZ soft, matte black rubber knobs (stock knobs were very cheap plastic) cost $15
Upgraded strings – D’Addario ENR71S Half Rounds Short Scale 45-100 – cost $27
Includes fitted, branded gig bag (that is custom, not included from guitar store) cost $20
Soft Levy Suede strap in a nice matching color – super comfortable! cost $15

Also including the stock strings. I didn’t use them but I can’t account for how long it hung at the music store.
Including all receipts and documentation that I have.
I am a new player without a lot of finger strength and not much time to play, so frets are great. Bought and used for Rocksmith. I’ve gotten a new bass that suits my style better and need to recoup some of the cost by selling this one, though I really do love it. Pretty hard to part with. Sounds and works just amazingly. The size is just right for a 5’3″ woman. About the same size and weight as a basic electric guitar. Action is low without buzz and it’s got a flat, satin neck that’s just a dream, especially if you’re just learning. I can’t find a single flaw on it and it does have a padded gig bag with ample pockets. Look up reviews on this little thing. It’s really impressive for the price. Bought from Trade Up Music, NOT FROM GUITAR CENTER! I got it in excellent condition. Not at all abused and very well set up.



The short scale length is GREAT for a guitar player having a hard time switching between guitar and bass scale length. It basically plays like a four string guitar only it has a smaller body. GREAT for teens or anyone who wants to play sitting on a couch or chair or older bass players struggling with mobility. With the “deader” sound of the half round strings it really doesn’t sound any different from a full length bass guitar. It’s a PJ, has one precision and one jazz pickup which makes it greatly versatile. Good attack with a pick, nice fat sound with fingers.

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