Warwick Rockbass 5-string Bass

Here’s a rare medium (32″) scale 5-string Warwick Rockbass Corvette with passive MEC electronics. These are pretty hard to come by and pretty pricey if you’re buying in the states.Corvette Medium Scale



Just like most Warwicks… 24 frets, adjustable nut, awesome-looking tailpiece.Corvette Medium Scale
rock bass2
This bass is in awesome condition, sounds great, and is comfortable to play. Picture shows it strung with compression wound strings which I can include if you want to put them back on and redo the setup,

the rock bass neck and head at bestinbassguitars.com

But it’s currently equipped with DR Hi-Beam SMR5-45 roundwounds. These Strings Play Very Well , And The DR Black Beauties Are My Fave Put Them on every Bass I can.


It HasĀ  a hard case and a strap with a lock on it for Warwick’s strap lock shenanigans.

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