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Vintage 70’s MIJ Precision-style Bass

This is a 1970’s Made in Japan Precision-style bass. It’s not quite full-scale, but not a short scale either. It’s been professionally setup and plays and intonates well. The original pickup was completely dead, so it’s been replaced with a Seymour Duncan Antiquity 50’s-style pickup. Great output and sounds amazing. 


, Vintage 70’s MIJ Precision-style Bass, Best In Bass Guitars .Com

The bass is all original with the exception of the pickup.

The bass is in great condition and feels great. 

Japanese instruments can be very hard to pin down to a particular manufacturer. I think I’ve found a bass that’s almost identical online under the name “Delta”.


I’d be happy to send on the link if you’d like to check it out. Regardless, the bass is very well made and sounds and feels great, which is often the case with vintage Japanese instruments.

Publishers Comments : Like I have said many times before if you have a 70s Japanese Bass like this Keep it. If you don’t…

Get One

true story these are some of the best sounding and playing basss out there including the american made Fenders of the era.

These Japanese factories of the 70s and early 80`s had it going on for real, As far as high quality craftsmanship goes there is none better when it comes to bass guitars of this era.

Ive seen these bass guitars sell for 800- 1200 dollars with upgraded electronics, And they sound wonderful I know i have 2 of these. 



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