The Right Format For Lessons


Choosing Our Bass Guitar Lessons
Or The Right Format For Lessons

When you are first starting out,Its hard to decide which Bass Guitar books.

Would enable you to progress the fastest to your goal of Playing Bass Guitar
effortlessly, And it can be done without formal instruction.

So we must decide how we will Choose Our Bass Lessons.

A lot of musicians,Started without any formal training,
Or even the use of lesson Books, As we now have the choices The internet provides.

So we must choose The Right Format For Our Lessons

The Internet Makes the Task Of Rounding up Quality Learning Material Way Easier.

Making the task of rounding up learning material a lot easier.
With that said it only leaves a spot open to also mention Another important learning tool

The internet Provides,That’s Online Video Lessons, This type of media promotes fast learning
And takes out a lot of the guesswork,

That you can get with reading alone.
And provides access to ,Valuable material otherwise out of reach.

Video lessons online gives us access to famous Bass Players.

One Video Lesson Maker On You Tube I Really Like Is a guy I Think is in Germany or somewhere in Europe.

This Guy Is Amazing And I Personally spend alot of time on his channel. I have never heard such a Bass Player. That’s all I will say for now. bbglogo1


Learning From Famous Bass Players Is Easy With The Internet

At least in the Bass Guitar World,
Artist like Stu Hamm, Victor Wooten, Patitucci and many more Have sample Video Lessons out Online.

Just search You Tube for Bass Guitar Lessons, You will find hundreds of lessons
from people you have never heard of also along with the more popular and famous ones.

You Tube Has made it Easier Than Ever for Learning to Play The Bass Guitar

And They have a great selection of Bass Guitar Lesson Books, As well as Free Video lessons,

You Can Watch Right There And Learn Some Great Stuff, I have picked up alot of tricks, From These Free Video Lessons,And Still Do All The Time.

Don’t get too hung-up on the fact they might not be all pro teachers.
Just listen to what they are teaching,

If Its something you want to learn , Learn It.

if it sounds right to you, Its Right. For You.


The Right Format For Our Lessons
A lot of times if it sounds right to you, Its Right For You. Don’t worry about learning bad habits.

Its not like you are spending the rest of your life studying with any of these video creators.

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Finding Free Bass Guitar Lesson Books Online Can Be Difficult

Take it one lesson at a time.

Getting free Bass Guitar lesson Books online, Is not so easy. But I have found single
sheet music, And a lot of tab,


Finding Bass Guitar Tab Online

Now speaking of tab, Anyone who does not know what tab is,
Let Me briefly explain,Tab or Tablature it is also called.

A Process of music notation
That actually makes reading simple Tablature of musical notes Possible Online its a language sort of a way to communicate Musical Notation By using the internet.

Have you every tried to copy and paste regular music scores or notation

from a website then try to read it after you pasted it into a text editor like note pad or word?

You cannot make out even what song it is most of the time its that bad. The whole composition gets all messed up the scores and staff do not paste back properly. Its a mess.

Some Smart Musicians Came Up With The Idea Of Tab.

So some smart Musicians invented a way that would work to copy and transfer and share songs and notations online and keep it organized so it could be used.

And its known as Tab. Like Guitar Tab, Bass Tab, There are tab for other instruments also.And tab is still being refined.


Not Everybody Writes Tab The Same Way

As not all musicians write tab alike. And it can be tricky to decipher Sometimes, But its getting better as we work our way towards A Standardization of the Tab Alphabet.

And I`m confident Tab Is here to stay and Soon to be much much more Standardized.

Especially Bass Guitar Tab,Above Is a very crude drawing only to give you a
idea of 4 string bass tab.

What Tab Looks Like

As you can see the 4 horizontal lines represent the 4 bass guitar strings. And The
numbers on the lines,

Represent the number of the fret the string is to be played on or fingered on.
With the first fret next to the nut at the headstock end of your neck fret number one.

Some Tab will even have the number of finger to use on each string,
Written down below the strings.
And you would read this left to right and play it the same.

In the tab above the 4 on the G string
is your first note and the 2 on the E string is the last note in this bar or line of tab.
The zeros or 0 `s are strings to be played open No pressing on any frets.


Some Tab Will Leave You High And Dry

Some Tab can leave you high and dry, As for speed, style, rests, and tempo are often left out.
Because most Tab was written just for the internet,
And there are no common guidelines in place or conforming to any standards, a lot of Tab is written in the style of the person who jotted it down.

There for its easy to say no two tab are the same, But not entirely true.

Recent Efforts to Standardize Tab Have Begun

Recently there have been efforts to conform to a Tablature Language With common notations and recognizable punctuation’s that follow a general code or tab alphabet. This is being more and more perfected.

Tab has made it possible for musicians to share music over a very wide range
of musical abilities and levels of training.

No longer does one have to be a schooled musician to read music, And getting the tab
to popular songs is not that difficult,


However beware some recording labels have waged war on Tab

However beware some recording labels and even
Some recording Artists, View Tab as a copyright infringement issue. And are or going to Plan aggressive action to be compensated for the use of tablature.

In My opinion if the artist already produced a lesson book with the  notation to certain
copyrighted material and it is publicly posted somewhere 

And had it for sale or planned to sell the material.

That kinda falls into a category with other owned property Its called copyright infringement

 Then I Can see Tablature could have a conflict With those copyrighted lessons.

But if it was posted like i said and it gets leaked it should not make the person

who by no act of their own stumbles across this material liable for theft,

But the person who actually did the stealing should be held accountable.

Bands And Performers Need Tab To Do Their Jobs

But when a couple of Musicians are using Tab to communicate and learn certain music,

Just so they can play a song together.

I Just see no harm in it.
If it were to be that tablature was to be outlawed or ruled a copyright infringement,

how difficult would it be for musicians to be able to correctly
play some popular songs, Because they are surely not all notated in books just waiting to be purchased.

So in my for what it is worth opinion, If you want compensation for work ,
Get The Work Done.
People are impatient and will not wait, If They Need Some sheet music,
They will get it somewhere.

Bass Guitar Lesson Books Remain A Great And Valuable Resource


Bass Guitar Lesson books are a great value also.
No where can you get a whole book of lesson material, Laid out in easy reading form
For usually less than one live lesson costs. And many lesson books these days come with the tab,And usually a DVD

or CD so you may hear how it should sound,Making easier to follow along reading the tab.


Most all lesson books are copyrighted material

Plus once you own it you can refer back to the material For a fresh up course anytime.

Most all lesson books are copyrighted material so take care
how you might come to acquire your Bass Guitar Lesson Books.

Watch out for  Trouble When Acquiring Bass Guitar Lessons

You do not want to be in any part of the production companies vision when they go looking for royalties.

Does anyone recall the record industries Lawsuits,
A couple years ago when some parents of teenagers that got  caught  down loading free music online? And got sued by the production companies ,

And some people had to pay massive Fines in lawsuits claiming  pirating of songs online?
I know you don’t want that to be you.

But personally I think the production companies are a bunch of rip-off artists themselves.

Just My Opinion

This is only one guys opinion Mine. And I Have absolutely
no grounds to base my statement on .

But I Just do a lot of reading,And Recall how the big producer
Companies, Like Warner And Sony, And, Arista , Atlantic, Columbia

These Big Companies  sometimes Do Not
Treat The Original Musicians Very Well.

I have heard stories of musicians actually dying broke, And almost homeless,While the record Executives are releasing Greatest Hits After Greatest Hits of the  artists Music,

Making a bundle of money long after the contract that was paying the artist had expired.
as there is hardly no costs associated with a greatest hits album,

Just a re-release of music recorded in the past.


Get It In Writing

But for some reason the artist I was reading about had no claim to greatest hits as his contract with the producer had ran out.

But The Producer some how still had access to the music the artist made while still under contract. I Think if the Artist Got a better deal from the beginning,
The proper %  and proper time frame of the  life of the song contract,

Then they would not be so desperate, To go after every dollar they might be able to suit For. The Recording Executives are the ones Putting the Screws to the artists

Not the public. IMO

It actually helps a artists cause to have popular bands play their songs live

You Know the artist can not be everywhere doing shows,

This keeps songs in the mix and flow and keep the Songs from dying and being forgotten.

Some one hears a great song played at a show in Friday night it sticks in their head

Then by Sunday they just  might  have to go buy that C.D. and the artist makes money

And local bands need a way to get the right music to these songs, To play a song the right way.

I Cannot think there could be any Recording Stars out there that did not start out Playing Someone else s Songs.

And without access to tab we would not So easily be able to pick up these Songs. Personally as a Musician myself I Would be flattered to have local bands playing my music.

Making a couple hundred bucks playing music from 25 different groups on a given night is no way taking away from the Record Companies Or the Artist…………………….. I.M.O.

As its a Market and Money they could Not access Anyway.

Again IMO……d with my deranged thoughts



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