Sterling by Musicman Bass Guitar

This Sterling S.U.B. Is a BEAST! When I purchased it, The “sub” logo was sanded off and a “StingRay” decal was put in its place but done poorly (see first pic of headstock).sterling by music man basssterling head  sterling-by-mm.jpg sterling-by-mm.jpg back



I refinished the headstock by sanding it down evenly, applying a new waterslide (decal), and protecting it with several coats of lacquer. Finally, I sanded the neck with 400 grit, 2000 grit, and then 0000 steel wool and treated the bare wood with teak oil to protect it from sweat and other unwanted oils. The neck is now drastically faster (smoother). As a used guitar typically does, there a few minor scratches but overall it is in beautiful condition.

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