Jay Turser JTB-1004 Bass Guitar

The Jay Turser JTB-1004 Bass Guitar


This is a Chinese made (like many musical instruments these days) bass in mint condition, with neck through body design, a volume control (with push pull active/passive switch built in), pickup blend, and 3 band eq (when in active mode). The blend and volume controls continue to function normally in passive mode.





Jay Turser JTB-1004 Bass Guitar

jterser bass2


The active mode gives you a wide range of tones, and the passive mode is nice to have in case you are without a good battery. You can also operate the bass in passive mode with a TRS cable to save your battery (which will drain if a normal TS cable is plugged in, whether in active or passive mode).


jturser bass3

The current draw is pretty low (0.57mA) which theoretically should give you about 875 hours of battery life (with an alkaline battery rated at 500mA hours).


The neck is straight, action nice and low.

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