Ibanez Workshop SRF705 Portamento Bass Guitar

Ibanez Workshop SRF705 Portamento Bass Guitar


Here we have a special fretless bass, with a hard shell case included. Maple/bubinga neck-through construction with a rosewood 30 fret (!!) fretboard. But the tonal options are what make this bass amazing. Yes, it has Bartolini MK-1 neck and bridge pickups, but it also has five individual piezo pickups integrated into the bridge saddles. Specially designed for this bass, these pickups offer a remarkable “upright” sound for endless tonal options. It sounds like a doghouse



ibanez workshop bass-1

When I got it, one of the bridge piezos was bad. I bought some extras and replaced the bad one. So with this bass you get four spare piezo pickups (one of which is marked bad) and a spare preamp board, which I bought before I realized that the problem was the pickup and not the board. Bottom line: the problem was fixed and it now plays perfectly.



 5 String Fretless Bass




Ibanez Workshop SRF705 Portamento Bass Guitar-2Ibanez Workshop SRF705

Another small mod: Ibanez SR basses have a deeply recessed hole for the instrument cable, which makes it impossible to use a wireless rig like the Line6 G10 without a goofy adapter. I 3d-printed a spacer that lets you plug anything into this instrument, which you can see in one of the photos.











Ibanez Workshop SRF705
As far as I can see this bass is totally immaculate except for a couple of tiny blemishes near the output jack, also pictured.

The bass currently has new D’Addario ECB81-5 flatwounds to minimize fretboard wear. I’ve adjusted this bass with pretty low action and will gladly adjust it to your liking if you prefer. Also note that while some of photos show Dunlop Straplok buttons, you’ll receive the bass equipped with its *original* strap buttons. Two of these pictures show those original buttons installed.


Ibanez Workshop SRF705 =3-4-5

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