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Hagstrom II Bass Guitar – 1960’s

Hagstrom 2 bass guitar from the 60 s

 Hagstrom II Bass Guitar – 1960’s 



Regrettably selling my Hagstrom II bass.
This is a short scale bass, it rips.Hagstrom 2 bass guitar from the 60 s

Brand new black beauties, less than an hour of play on these strings.
It’s got a military green refinish,

there is a layer of metallic blue underneath which is beginning to show where your forearm rests. This is a very unique guitar, can’t find anything about metallic blue Hags online.


These pictures don’t do it justice.


The frets are pretty worn down so the action feels a bit high. That being said there is no excess buzzing, no dead notes, no repeat notes, the fretboard plays well. The electronics all work smoothly, the machine heads work smoothly, this bass is a player, and it sounds great.


hagstrom bass guitar @bestinbassguitars.comback side hagstrom bass guitar

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