Custom Made 5 String bass

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Builder is a small custom builder of high end bass guitars. This guitar is constructed with laminated hard maple neck, mesquite laminated body and jatoba finger board.custom made 5 string


The laminated neck is a through body neck with double action truss rod. The neck extends tip to tip, no glue joint at the nut.

custom 5 string whole body

The body is highly carved, guitar weighs only 9 pounds and very ergonomic. The neck is very smooth and the oil finish does not stick to your hand like lacquer finishes tend to do. The body is artistically designed for beauty and ease of playing.

custom back sideFeatures a thumb stop groove and a clean body front clear of any controls. The controls are accessible on back right hand side near your right hip pocket.

custom headstock

The controls are neck volume, bridge volume and master tone. The two volume controls are independent of each other. The pots are CTS taper.

The hardware and gear are pro products, HIPSHOT “kick ass “ bridge, Black Tusk nut, Gotoh compact tuners. The pickups are a matched set of Bartolini J bass 57CBJD L3/S3 classic hum cancelling. They are hum cancelling even when you are only use one of the pickups. Pickup and control cavities are copper shielded and grounded.

The sound is deep, but clearly articulated highs. The sustain is crazy. It can handle dug in playing to huge rich bass, or growly attack . It can sound like a heavy rock guitar to almost a standup bass sound.

The double truss rod is a Hotrod 24 “ bass truss rod from Stew Mac.

Scale: 34 inches

Total weight: 9 pounds

Total length : 45.5 inches

Body thickness 1. 5 inches at thickest point.

Finish: 8 applications of non toxic pure tung oil wet sanded on each application and final wet sanding at 2500 grit

this bass is for sale for 2300.00

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