Beginner Bass Players Need To Play

Bass Players Need To Play


If you are just starting out Playing the Bass Guitar, The second most important thing you can do  After learning some skills,

is Get Out And Play Because Beginner Bass Players Need To Play, When I say play I hope you can find a way to actually sit in with more experienced Musicians.

You can look for some open mics in your area, Or if you have some buddies who also play instruments, Get organized to get together at least once a week.

This will help your progress so much you will be amazed at how fast you will pick things up. Im sure you will even surprise yourself.

And if you are unable to find a bunch of open mics to choose from.

What I Have done in the past is look on Craigslist in the Musicians section Look for ads that are looking for a bass player,

Sometimes its just a bunch of guys like you wanting to jam.  And Of course you might not want to answer any ads that are

looking for really experienced bass players,

We do not want to bruise your ego by biting off more than you can chew, some times they could be a bit ahead of you. And just be honest they might be willing to help you out

And looking for talent like you have or willing to teach you a few things, I know I got help from some great patient guitar players when i was learning, it helped so much

You know how good you are.

And thats fine all bass players need to play, And so do other musicians. So do not get discouraged,

And it might take a bit of guts at first.

Im sure you can find a bunch of guys that are at or close to your level.

And if you follow this advice you will progress much faster I guarantee it.

There is another method i have mentioned before And that is the use of backing tracks. Backing tracks work great if you have no live bodies available.

You can get them in any style of music from rock to jazz. and some of them are cheap or free,

Hell look on You Tube I`ll bet you will find backing tracks there too.

So practice up then get out and Jam , You will really benefit from Playing with other Musicians trust Me…


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