2003 Fender American Highway 1 Jazz Bass

Fender American highway 1 jazz bass

03 Highway 1 in Daphne Blue. Recently installed an Audere Preamp, making this an active beauty of fun and endless tones. Still on the first battery. Frets in great shape. Flat neck, low action. Badass II Bridge.


hiway1jazz1 I
bought this used with some wear, as shown. There’s a small gouge out just above the bridge. The strap screws came stripped and have been repaired. Prior owner obviously used it well. Overall, bass is in great shape.


Original electronics (pots, wiring) available. Original white pick guard available. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers.


This is not the Standard, but a 2003 USA Highway 1, utilizing the Badass II Bridge, nitro finish, and no string-through body.


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