1969 Lyle Bass Guitar

1969 Lyle Bass Guitar

Mint (as new) 1969 Lyle semi-hollow body bass. Dark sunburst.
Gorgeous workmanship, made in Japan.
Includes the original cardboard case, which is in one piece, but a bit
This bass plays in tune all up and down the neck. No issues, and rare
including the original bridge with string damper.
Beautiful tone, as well. 
These Vintage Basss Like This 1969 Lyle Bass Guitar ,Are Very Well Made ,Back in the 60s thru the 80s in Japan there was alot of competition between builders of Quality American brand Guitars and Bass`s this resulted in a whole era of high quality instruments. This was during the Famous Lawsuit times, Where the big players of the time like Gibson, Fender, Aria, Ibanez, Lyle And even Squire were competing for the very same customers. Competition was tuff and quality was very high even for japan, Who always had higher quality instrument factories.
69 lyle bass guitar69 lyle bass guitar

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  1. Like I said before these bass`s if you can find them are mostly of great quality and very well made, when ever i find one of these and i can kinda afford to buy it, I try to do that. you can do so many things with these bass`s fix them up for resale always make a profit. Or just add them to the collection there is always room

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