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1965 Fender Precision Bass – Very Modified

 1965 Fender Precision Bass – Very Modified


modified p bass



Yes, this is a 1965 Precision Electric Bass. Neck and Body have been extensively modified. Not stock tuners but original pickups, hardware and bridge. A player’s bass and conversation piece. Neck super fast and also great for guitarists and smaller hands.  modified P BASS GUITAR




EDITORS NOTES This has to be the most different style of P Bass I have ever seen. :

Editors More Notes : 08/31/19

This awesome Bass Guitar I just have to chime in on this bass.

It is a 1965 Fender Precision Bass, That makes it worth about 1200.00  to  2000.oo or more.

However the way its been modified , Im going to base this on personal opinion only ,The way this Bass Has been

Modified I believe it hurts the value of this Classic Fender Bass Guitar.  Although some might argue my

Point  I will agree it is very cool looking, I Have not had the opportunity to handle this Bass Guitar, Or

Check Out  the work that was done. I am curious as too how it looks up close. He is asking 900.00 bucks

The way it sits, With a Case.

You could get way more without all the mods But Hey Why Not.

If Everything Was The Same……..      Nothing Would Be Different !!!!

modified p bass3modified pbass

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