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I Went to a show a while back actually I helped a friend of mine set up the P.A. System he has a business where he rents P.A. and mics, Monitors and stuff to traveling bands who come to town to do shows. And they dont have their own P.A. Systems. A Pretty nice gig  to watch music shows and get paid for it.

Anyway this show was at a private club Downtown it was a show featuring Zydeco Music, They had 3 Zydeco bands and they were good. I Was blown away, I Had heard cajon music a little, But never music like this I Was just floored with the rhythms And the percussion was amazing, The wash board instrument the players wear like a apron. Not sure what it is called, But they put a mic in front of it and it produces the greatest percussion sound you can only imagine. how this thing sounds.

Alot of the vocals sound much like the blues.  And the beat is Bass Heavy and makes you want to dance. Then throw in a small accordion like squeeze box, A Harmonica, And one band had two fiddles . But all had at least one fiddle player. Mix this all up with a on the beat drummer, And some make you cry telecaster Riffs. And even a small organ

You Got Zydeco.  A Couple of the bands had horns whether horn ,fiddle same guy

Or a committed horn section. Were are talking alot of band members

These guys have alot of fun and so does the crowd. I Never saw the dance floor empty.  Really simple songs that sound amazing . I `m putting a You tube video below so you can hear some zydeco this is my new love and im looking to get out and find some Zydeco Musicians to play with. Well they took down my You Tube video so if you want to check out the ZYDECO Spell it just like above In the search bar on You Tube you will get some ZYDECO..

Kona Jazz Bass


Electric jazz bass guitar, natural finish. Great condition, sounds great, straight neck.

Thunderbird Pro Bass Guitar By Epiphone

featured image epiphone pro

This is a new bass and brand new case. Less than two hours of playing time on it. This is the active pickup, 4-knob mahogany bass. It’s a through-neck design (not bolt on). I paid $675 and then $150 for the case. The case is custom, no other case fits a t-bird. It’s a cool bass just too heavy for me. I put nice strap locks on it too, another $20 value.

Fodera Yin Yang Bass

Fodera Yin Yang Bass

2017 Mint condition with Factory case.



They Did Not Say Much But i can Tell You These Sell  for about  3500.00

Martin B-1 Acoustic Bass Guitar Lefty

Super nice left-handed Martin B-1 acoustic bass guitar with hard case. Great shape. Great sound. Classic Martin quality. Built-in pickup with 1/4″ jack in the strap peg.


1982 Peavey T-40 Bass Guitar




This is a Peavey T-40 Bass. I checked the serial and looks like it was manufactured in 1982. All original hardware and pickups. I’ve owned it for over 20 years, but haven’t played it in about 10 so that’s why I’m selling it. Solid ash body and maple neck. I’d say the overall condition is good, but not excellent due to some scratches on the back

Editors Note : We had a Black T-40 About a week ago so this works good we get both stock colors…  P S , These Great Bass`s if you can find them sell used for about 400.00  to  1000.00 depending on condition and the mood of the seller.

Writers Wanted

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 I am always looking for writers who would like to publish some of their experiences of being a bass player on this site.

Or any body who has experiences of being a musician, like stories of the road, or maybe you are kinda famous. Or you know someone who is?

 Maybe you built a cool bass or something or you want to share something about your band This is a great place to get your word out

People would love to hear about it im sure, Keep in mind it is a unpaid position. And you do not have to be a

professional writer to share your stories here with us. And no story is a dumb story Who knows maybe writing is in your cards.

Just use the contact webmaster form on this site to make us aware of you. Then  we will get you started right away.

Don`t be shy Just Do It.

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78 Fender Musicmaster Bass Guitar

72 music master at

78 Fender Musicmaster Bass Guitar

1978 Fender Musicmaster in black. Reliced by time.

Yes, it’s dinged up, but it has been recently setup
– new bone nut
– intonation adjustment
– fret dressing
– new pick guards made to replace the original chipped black one.

No fret buzzing, and the pickup sounds amazing. Just a punchy, super fun to play instrument.

Included in the sale are 3 pick guards–tortoiseshell, white, and the original black.