Music Man Bongo 5 Bass Guitar

Music Man Bongo 5 Bass Guitar

This is a beautiful bass. Plays, sounds and looks fantastic. 18v 4 band preamp is very clean and high headroom. You can achieve any tone with this bass, from throaty bridge pickup sounds, to warm P-Bass like sounds on the neck pickup, to great slap bass tone in the middle setting. Sits very well in a mix and is extremely versatile. B-string is tight, punchy, and the neck is one of the fastest I’ve played (feels much better than the Stingray IMO.)

I’ve had this instrument for 3 years and have taken pristine care of it, with multiple professional setups and regular cleanings. Everything is in perfect condition except for a few small paint chips on the headstock (pictured,) which are hardly noticeable unless you’re looking closely. Only selling because I want to try out a Dingwall and see what the fanned-fret rage is all about 🙂


These go for $2400 new, given the condition it’s in it’s priced to sell! These USA made instruments hold their value extremely well, so it’s a great investment vs. a cheaper bass made overseas 🙂



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