Last Chance To Win Big

I Belong to a media site that has lessons and songbooks and features all the great Musicians Who Play Bass And Who Play Guitar,

Some of the Great Bassist  and guitar players that frequent this site are well known like Stu Hamm ,And Brad Carlton,Robben Ford,

And literally Hundreds more big time players, In Rock,

Country, Blues, Jazz  Classical, More Blues than you can imagine. Improv Jazz, The list goes on….If You can think of it they have a lesson

or dozens of lessons for it. I Still take lessons all the time, That Is why I Became a member of this site. If I want a quick refresher course in any genre of music I head to True Fire. Many of you probably know 0f this site already if so good on you. For those who may not ,

They are having a humongus labor day sale, Today is Labor Day in the U.S. And..

If you are looking for any type of musical learning material .

i would really consider true fire on this labor day they are having huge specials today .

Not only that but some super cool FREE GIVEAWAYS too

So get your butt over to true fire fast GO NOW     

Who know`s maybe you will win some prizes.

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