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    The Best In Bass Guitars That’s a good kinda of a question i say kinda a question just because it does not sound like a question.
    Many Bass Guitar Players have different views of what is the best in bass guitars, To some of us I think it`s probably a Bass you played and you think you never played or sounded Better Ever. I Still remember that Bass wish I still had it.
    The only Bass that ever got stolen from me. It was a 82 – 83 serial numbers say both dates, Made in Japan Fender P Bass Special it had the P and J bass pickups configuration,
    When I got it it was Black with White pick guard, The same Bass you have seen 101 Times before, It was a passive Bass with stock Pickups.
    I Took my chances and sanded it down to bare wood, You never know whats under that paint. But i got pretty lucky the only filler was on the backside of the upper horn. About the size of a silver dollar. And the fill they used was kinda human skin color, If you can imagine that ,And what nationality your thinking. Im mostly American Native blood so im a bit darker than a Average White Boy.
    Anyway not to get lost in the brush. It looked pretty good, so good in fact I Was able to ditch the pick guard, went for the clean wood look with some semi gloss clear finish. It had a maple neck with the skunk stripe and Rosewood board.
    I put pure black BassLines on it P / J setup And flat black Tuners. And I Really craved for some more different types of sound so I installed,
    a Audere 5 band 9 volt preamp, This was a passive setup before but again got lucky ,
    The Audere preamp came with those mini pots , And my battery fit inside the electronic`s cover on the back no routing. Then I Ordered the black domed push pull double stacked knobs from Audere,
    And a flat black badass bridge , And some
    D R Black Beauty`s
    And this girl looked sharp.
    I must say it took me a while to get that 5 band dialed in to my liking and the bass ended up sitting alot at first, I was in a band at the time and needed my sound dependable, But a good part of it was this band practiced alot.
    I was playing with 3 Brothers they were all singer song writers and we had new material every week. kind of a competition for the brothers as i look back, Great gig for a bass player who digs variety, Like I do… About half our list were Bar songs in the Blues,
    The rest Originals in the Rock Blues… do – wap flavor with 3 part harmonies that i did not have to worry about. It was heaven. Any way these many practices i got opportunities to play with the five band , And finally got her dialed in , then i had me a Bass of my dreams.
    This thing had some tones I`v never been able to duplicate. Kinda sad cause i got music online that I wrote with this bass and since she got stolen , I can still kinda duplicate this music but its not the same. I cant get those tones back like i did before, At least not yet till i find another Bass like that one it was for me the best in bass guitars.

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    • This topic was modified 2 months, 3 weeks ago by  ThePlayer.

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