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      Ibanez Bass Guitar Forum

      Welcome to the official Best In Bass Guitars Ibanez Bass Guitar Forum, This is where signed in site members (free to join) Who have something to share about Ibanez Bass Guitars. We know there are probably hundreds of models of Ibanez Bass Guitars, Seems like i see a new one daily.

      Anyway this is the spot to talk about Ibanez Bass Guitars.
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    • The Best In Bass Guitars

      The Best In Bass Guitars

      The Best In Bass Guitars That's a good kinda of a question i say kinda a question just because it does not sound like a question.
      Many Bass Guitar Players have different views of what is the best in bass guitars, To some of us I think it`s probably a Bass you played and you think you never played or sounded Better Ever. I Still remember that Bass wish I still had it.
      The only Bass that ever got stolen from me. It was a  82 - 83 serial numbers say both dates, Made in Japan Fender P Bass Special it had the P and J  bass pickups configuration,
      When I got it it was Black with White pick guard, The same Bass you have seen 101 Times before, It was a passive Bass with stock Pickups.
      I Took my chances and sanded it down to bare wood, You never know whats under that paint. But i got pretty lucky the only filler was on the backside of the upper horn. About the size of a silver dollar. And the fill they used was kinda human skin color, If you can imagine that ,And what nationality your thinking. Im mostly American Native blood so im a bit darker than a Average White Boy.
      Anyway not to get lost in the brush. It looked pretty good, so good in fact I Was able to ditch the pick guard, went for the clean wood look with some semi gloss clear finish. It had a maple neck with the skunk stripe and Rosewood board.
      I put pure black BassLines on it P / J setup And flat black Tuners. And I Really craved for some more different types of sound so I installed,
      a Audere 5 band 9 volt preamp, This was a passive setup before but again got lucky ,
      The Audere preamp came with those mini pots , And my battery fit inside the electronic`s cover on the back no routing. Then I Ordered the black domed push pull double stacked knobs from Audere,
      And a flat black badass bridge ,  And    some
      D R  Black Beauty`s
      And this girl looked sharp.
      I must say it took me a while to get that 5 band dialed in to my liking and the bass ended up sitting alot at first, I was in a band at the time and needed my sound dependable,  But a good part of it was this band practiced alot.
      I was playing with 3 Brothers they were all singer song writers and we had new material every week. kind of a competition for the brothers as i look back, Great gig for a bass player who digs variety, Like I do... About half our list were Bar songs in the Blues,
      The rest Originals in the Rock Blues... do - wap flavor with 3 part harmonies that i did not have to worry about. It was heaven. Any way these many practices i got opportunities to play with the five band , And finally got her dialed in , then i had me a Bass of my dreams.
      This thing had some tones I`v never been able to duplicate. Kinda sad cause i got music online that I wrote with this bass and since she got stolen , I can still kinda duplicate this music but its not the same. I cant get those tones back like i did before, At least not yet till i find another  Bass like that one it was for me the best in bass guitars.
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