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. Deluxe HOFNER BASS GUITAR with The Deluxe Case
This is a Top of the Line Hofner Bass And Super Deluxe Case

. The Contemporary Model Hofner Club Bass….. One Of the Top Of The Line Models

Really Deluxe !!!! A Beautiful Instrument …. And This Was Bought At The Famous Hollwood Bowl !!!!


This Has All The Exact Parts of the Famous Hofner’s …..And it Comes with a Very Deluxe Hofner Case

…. It’s in Brand New Condition…. Only Played Maybe 4 Hours Total
.. ………. and Has Been Kept In Case most of the Time

… And ……. Kept In a Smoke Free Home !!!

. this is the Very Best Light Bass You Can Buy !!! it’s fun to Play !!!

a Hofner Bass is a unique instrument with a Really Smooth playing ease that is More Relaxing than Other basses.

And This Has Labella ” Beatles ” deep talking FLAT WOUND Bass strings installed on it !!!

…Yes the “Beatles ” Bass Strings are on this Bass !!! Come Try It .. You Will Love It !!!

The Specifications are as Follows :

* Has internal Sustain block to increase feedback Rejection

* Has The Original Höfner ‘Staple-Top’ pick-ups… ( The Real Beatles Ones !!! )

* 30 ” short scale length. … So it’s Fun and Easy To Play

* And Has the Deluxe ” Zero Fret ” at Top of Neck , ….. ( Which is Only Found on Top of the Line Models )

* This Has the Famous Beatles ” Teacup ” Knobs

* Also Has the Famous Labella ” DEEP TALKIN ” Flat Wound Beatles Bass Strings … !!!

This Quality Instrument features all the Authentic details ……. You Get it All In this One !!!

And The semi-hollow body and set neck will give you the warm, round tone you expect from a Hofner Bass.


. You’ll Love it … Nothing But The Very Best in this One …

… Come See It !!! ….. Come Play it !!! ………. your Gonna Love it !!!

And You Get it for Half Price !!!

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