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Telecaster Bass Guitar Build

telebass project

A While back I bought a tele body its for a real fender telecaster 6 string guitar.

so I was told  I got no reason to question it the neck is for real.

Its a beautiful body as far as wood-grain goes. It is made from laminated Mahogany it appears to be  a 3 piece body and about a full 1.5 inches thick. See pics below, Anyways I was going to build a regular tele out of it, But I already have a tele 6 string and im not even a guitar player.


So Im going to make it a telecaster 4 string bass guitar. Its going to take some imagination and some new parts but I think its going to be sweet. And the lightest Bass I own and im thinking of going fret-less on the neck.

Just cause i happen to have a fret-less neck laying around. And its going to be a right on the money 34 inches scale.

Im going to go with a single P Bass pickup, Just like the 1951 P Bass`s ,1 pickup near the neck and did they growl.

They just had the oval shape black with the 4 round pole pieces

You might be familiar with the look of these basss they had the single pickup near the neck and  some were covered with that metal cover every one called the ashtray the bodies back then looked more like a regular p bass body.

Or a strat style really but bigger.That is how they looked as a P bass , I’m talking a Telecaster Bass , Like you see in the images above

But i am going to use the pickup from the 51 p bass like i described above.


I will update this post as it advances for now its wait for parts.



 Well its now August 15 2021,

I Got some of the parts back on the Tele Bass project. Its turning out great. I Really went out on a limb with adding a bridge pickup to this Tele  I dont think i even talked about it before ..Putting a bridge pickup in i did not have a pickup plan for that spot,I was thinking of just getting a modded pick guard and relying on the bad ass 51 p pickup. Then piezo hit me in the head and i thought a piezo would fit great and sound great (wrong )

UPDATE : It is now feb 3 2002.telebass project

I Installed the 51 p bass pickup and also I installed a 1 and a half inch piezo. The 51 P bass pickup was setup for a smaller string spacing it has 4 pole pieces but they barely cover 3 strings as far as picking up my signal just too narrow and the piezo beings im on a total bitch the piezo sounds thumpy the whole guitar body echos from this piezo. So its back to the drawing board.

I Was snooping around my shop and i found a old set of EMG`s for a P bass they look to be in good shape

So i grabbed them down from the shelf, In fact i laid them on the bass and started thinking about

this a bit. I got a brand new creation sitting here in front of me, A open canvass to build my self something I`m really not down much …less than $ 100.00 U.S. cash.

So I do not have to sell it when im done  Lets See this thing is really light I would like to keep it that way. I am thinking a music man single pickup on the lower side of center,And a telebass p pickups matching M.M. pick guard. Not telling the color of the pick guard Should have new parts by feb 5 or 6th watch for updates.

UPDATE 02/14/2002 

Its Finally done after changing my mind 3 times of what pickup configuration i was going to use I finally settled on the Music Man. And really glad I did ,This thing sounds amazing Plenty of low end growl just right on the mids and treble side is amazing. And it looks pretty cool too.