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Category: Rickenbacker bass 4003 Mapleglo

Rickenbacker bass 4003 Mapleglo

Rickenbacker bass 4003 Mapleglo


This is a 2014? Rickenbacker
It has three modifications on it.



First, I removed the pickup cover and added a treble bezel with a thumb rest.
Second, I replaced the original bridge with a Hipshot brass replacement bridge. And third, I replaced the neck pickup

with a Nordstrand Nordenbacker pickup.


It will come with a Tech21 Geddy Lee YYZ preamp and a Rich-E-Split with a TRS cable for using the Rickosound

And of course, the case is included.

ric1 bass

bass trade rickenbacker best offer

This bass is an excellent condition and has a great sound, I just never really bonded with it.
I will keep this posting up for a week so if you are interested, send me an offer with what you are willing to buy it for. If someone has a good offer, I will text them back a week from Today 8/23/20