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Category: Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass Japan

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass Japan



These Aerodyne Jazz Bass`s are great players especially the made in Japan Ones that never got exported from japan like this one. These come stock with the P. J. pickup setup. Thats pbass pickup in the neck but closer to the middle of the body and the Jazz pickup near the bridge. But the newer Mexican and the Korea made ones mostly had the jazz pickups. They came with a matching painted headstock. some with binding around the body as well. The early models made in Japan but for export had the cream colored binding ,And were shaped just like the standard Jazz Bass but a much thinner body weighing in at just 7 pounds compared to a 10 pound standard Jazz bass.

1969 Fender Telecaster Bass

telebass featured

History incarnate! Original everything down to the screw and the hard shell case.

In simple terms… its’ the real deal.




These go anywhere from $3k to 18k…. If you’re looking at it seriously, you already know what it is.


Briefly: This is what the 1959 precision was. Exactly. Same body, same pickup, same neck.

Essentially it’s a sting bass….


Pre CBS pickups and neck, even with it being post CBS.

Leftover parts went from CBS to post CBS. 68/69 almost all the parts are CBS.

If you’re looking at this you probably know that, please forgive.

But, I’ve had that confirmed several times.

              So Bottom Line Is I Value This Bass At 6500.00  American Dollars