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Warrick in case

Here is a rare opportunity to own a 1988 Warwick Thumb bass from Warwick’s golden age of bass building.warrick thumb

This bass is in excellent condition and as you can see it has a beautifully figured wood grain. The playability is great and has the classic Warwick tone! The electronics, tuning keys and truss rod all function properly and with ease.

Includes a newer Warwick hard case (very good condition) with key, strap locks, Warwick wax and Allen wrenches.
Bass is sporting a new set of DR low rider nickel medium gauge strings. The weight is 10.4 lbs. and balances well.

Specs from Warwick:
Bass: Thumb Bass NT 4 string
Serial Number: K 1477 88
Year: 1988
Month: October
Number: 1477

Neck Wood: Wenge Wood with Bubinga Strips
Fingerboard: Wenge Wood with mother of pearl Dot inlays
Frets: Bronze Warwick Frets
Nut: Just a Nut Brass Version
Neck construction: NeckThrough hidden neck construction, 34″ scale
Body: 3 pcs. solid Pommerle Bubinga Wood
Surface: Oil Finish / BeeWax
Pickups: 2 active MEC JJ Pickups
Electronic: 2 Band MEC Electronic
Hardware: Black Hardware by Warwick
Made in Germany / Pretzfeld / West Germany

Below is a reply from Warwick to the original owner’s inquiry regarding this bass. Translated from German.

We made until today around 5 to 6,000 Basses of the Thumb bass Neckthrough in all. So your once is really from the early days. We started to show the Thumb Bass it were called in the early days the “JD” Bass in 1985 in Frankfurt.

This is Truly a amazing bass With Pretty Good documentation