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Backing Tracks The Way To Go.

When practicing your Bass playing Have you ever thought of using Backing Tracks ? If you have not used backing tracks yet you are really missing out on a great tool to improve your bass playing at a fast rate of learning..  When you get backing tracks ,Now you can practice any time of day

Even at 4 a.m.. You can get free backing tracks or you can pay for them ,I choose the free ones unless i cannot find something i really need, Then i will sometimes pay but those monthly subscriptions can quickly add up. High Quality backing tracks are in my opinion the best way to learn songs, They do so much more for you than tabs or music books, Notation is great but if you are like me and not a trained musician, Reading music and understanding it is very complicated , And figuring out the punctuation to a song the beats and stops and the rhythms can be very challenging if you have not heard it alot of times.


Bring on the Backing Tracks, You put them on your computer then you play along with the original band or some other band that is covering the song you want to learn.

When practicing sometimes I need to hear the song more than once to get it right,

No more bugging my band mates to do another take, I`m covered with my backing track i can play it over and over and play along the whole time. in fact i can loop a part until I get it right if that is what it takes. No more of not being ready for rehearsal or a gig, I can be confident that my home work is complete, Nothing is more embarrassing than not being ready for rehearsal or a gig,

The justified looks you get from other band mates really sucks. But with backing tracks I can practice so much faster,I`m always ready now

Its unbelievable how fast i can get ready for a gig. I Can even listen in my car, In my bed ,in my bathtub,Working in my workshop and Mostly just practicing.

Where To Look for Backing Tracks ?


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