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1966 Ampeg Baby Bass

1966 Ampeg Baby Bass1



This is a 1966 Ampeg Baby Bass that I am posting for a friend. He purchased the bass new and has enjoyed it for many years and now he decided it is time for it to go to a new home. I was over at his home last weekend and he allowed me to play it and I fell in love with it! It is a beautiful playing instrument, is all original with the original stand and the original transport bag. the bass had a headstock repair done to it many years ago and it is in excellent playing condition. The bass has a couple of minor blemishes in a couple of spots from a warm heat register causing bumps to the plastic body and you can’t really see them.
The owner is a bassist who has been playing for many years and being 91 years old he has decided to sell the instrument so that someone else may enjoy it as he has all these years.





2012 John Entwistle (The Who) signature  Dean Spyder Bass.Mint condition with fitted Dean hard case.Active bass,Three band eq with blend knob. Volume knob is separate on horn.Neck thru construction.High mass bridge,Emg Hz pickups,embony fret board, Grover tuners.Made in Indonesia.Inspired by a rock & roll bass legend

Nelson Instruments Paramount Bass

Nelson Instruments Paramount Bass



2017 Nelson Instruments Paramount bass for sale
Bobby builds these all by hand in Minnesota. This guy is built with the Ric scale length and Ric pickup placement, but it’s still very much its own animal.

Walnut neck and body. Maple board. Set neck with multipiece body.

Handmade Nelson Dynamo Hi-fidelity pickups will give you a HUGE range of tonal options, all with piano-like clarity and sustain.

Hipshot KickAss Bridge and tuners.

Gator Hard case

Why am I selling this beast? Because I had Bobby build me a maple neck thru version. And I don’t hardly play this one anymore.


Sterling By Musicman Sub Stingray

4 String Bass Guitar By Music Man


New condition. One owner. Used and stored in smoke free studio. Was used in studio only. No gigs.

Mint condition. Thing feels, sounds and looks awesome.

Don’t let the price fool you this is a nice instrument. I mean I’ll take more money for it if you want.

They sell for $300 new. It’s definitely aimed at the beginner/intermediate crowd. But it records like a champ.


Vox Phantom IV Bass, 1960s

Vox Phantom IV Bass, 1960s 




Here’s a fun, oddball beast of a bass: A mid-60s Italian-made Phantom IV in pink! If you look really carefully at the chips in the finish, you can tell it came from the factory in red. That said, it was already well-aged this way when I bought it in 1985. It also had the Fender-style pickup cover in place of the original Vox bridge cover then.

There are plenty of dings, as you can see, and the extra holes drilled under the makeshift bridge cover. The adjustment screws for the pickups are gone (were they ever there?) but the pickups are held steady in the pickguard. These typically warp pretty badly over time, but it’s not too severe on this one at all.

This bass is old and beat-up, but fully functional: Neck is true, action is even and totally playable, intonation pretty good too. It’s a chunkier neck, but I never found it more so than a P-bass neck (and I don’t typically like those because they’re too thick for my taste!).

The New Elite Series of Bass Guitars By Fender

The New Elite Series of Bass Guitars By Fender Make for excitement in The Bass Guitar Industry. And shows Fender`s hand in the Direction they are headed,

Which one would you like to own ?



American Elite Jazz Bass and Jazz Bass V. Features: Noiseless pickups; redesigned 18-volt preamp; HiMass Vintage bridge, allowing either top-load or strings-thru-body stringing. The four-string and five-string models are available in three-color sunburst, Tobacco Sunburst, Olympic White, Natural and Black.

Fender American Elite Jazz Bass IV

Fender American Elite Jazz Bass IV

Fender American Elite Jazz Bass V

Fender American Elite Jazz Bass V

American Elite Precision Bass. Features: single-coil P Bass middle pickup, single-coil all-new fourth generation Noiseless Jazz Bass bridge pickup, onboard active 18-volt preamp, compound profile neck and redesigned contoured neck heel, HiMass Vintage bridge and new genuine Cattle Bone nut.

The Precision Bass model is available in  these classic color choices ,:three-color sunburst, Tobacco Sunburst, Olympic White, Natural and Black.

Fender American Precision Bass

Fender American Precision Bass

American Elite Dimension Bass V HH

American Elite Dimension Bass V HH

American Elite Dimension Bass V HH & American Elite Dimension Bass IV HH.  Not only with 5 strings but Includes Dimension Bass humbucking pickups; 18-volt preamp thats with 2  –  9 volt batteries with three-band EQ; asymmetrical neck profile;

hand-rubbed oil on the back of the neck;For smoother playing without the drag of typical finishes . You spoke Fender listen`s .

Posiflex graphite support rods run the length of the neck. The Dimension Bass models are available in Cayenne, Violin Burst, Natural and Black.

Photo by Fender

2000 Fender USA Hot Rod P Bass Guitar –



2000 Fender USA Hot Rod P Bass Guitar

But of course the big full story is the presence of the Jazz Bass Pickup.

This is what Fender has referred to in the past as a Precision Bass Special.

In fact I happen to own one of these Special Fender P Bass Special Configurations,

And I Think its a brilliant move to put in the extra sound that can greatly enhance the Regular Precision Bass Functions.

And create a unique instrument capable of dialing in a wide array of bass guitar tones.

hot rod bassFender Hot Rod 2000 bass guitar

KIP SOPHOS Bass Guitar

KIP SOPHOS Bass Guitar



Rare Kip Sophos 6 string bass for sale! Rad opportunity to own a unique, hand made, high end boutique instrument at a great price.



This bass is a player through and through.

The neck is slim and fast, and the action is nice and low. The pickups sound amazing and can be dialed to perfect your tone with a great control setup:

Bass, mid, and treble knobs
Mid frequency selector switch
Volume and pickup pan
Volume knob pulls to passive mode

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Spurling 5 String Fretless Bass!

Spurling 5 String Fretless Bass


Spurling 5 String Fretless Bass! All Custom! Handmade! – $2500

Date: 2010-06-29,

. Here is just one of them.

This is a bass made by Sean Spurling, a luthier in San Francisco most known for his acoustic guitars. His work is really, truly stunning. This is the one, and this is the only. There is not another bass out there like this, period.

Here’s what I know about the bass (it was purchased for me as a gift by my parents after landing my first regular paid gig):

-Swamp ash and rosewood body. The finish on this bass is incredible. It’s a very light coat, that retains maximum “raw wood” feel, while ensuring the wood stays healthy for the long-term.
-Most everything on the bass is hand-carved, including the stacked bass/treb pot and the bridge. The other two knobs you see in the photos are replacements for the original knobs (which matched the preamp pot).
-Schaller tuners
-Through-body neck
-String through
-Locking input jack
-”Cheat” lines
-Bartolini NTBT preamp
-I believe the pickups are hand-built by Sean (though they may not be), but they most certainly have custom pickup covers (that match the bass to a T) and are active.
-All electronics are top notch.

The bass has been toured and traveled with. It’s got dings, but you really can’t see much of it given the finish of the bass. I’ve done my best to accentuate these flaws with the photographs, but it’s really hard to show them.

The bass was purchased new for $4500. Clearly it is not worth that much anymore. I am asking $2500, obo. It comes with the TKL case it was given to me in. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any offer

To view this Bass Guitar Hit The Link Below it will take to to our old blog site where we have tons more bass`s


Short Scale Bass Guitar Or Long Scale Bass Guitar

Short Or Long Scale

When it comes to bass guitar sizes as far as scale goes , We are usually talking about the length of the neck of the Bass Guitar.

With The typical scale usually being 34 inches measured from the saddle on the Bridge to the Nut on the head stock. This measurement is right for many top

brands on the public market. Like your Fenders ,Music Mans, Epiphones, Some Gibsons etc.

This is the common scale length most builders build to. And same goes with Bass Guitar String builders too. So it goes to say most of us Bass Players feel

comfortable playing a bass with a 34 inch scale length. We have learned to use this scale length without regard to the size of our bodies.

For Many players tho this scale length has actually slowed us down in our learning and in our flexibility moving about the neck.

Lets face it, not all people are made the same. And Im sure most of us Bass Players already know

there are alternatives to the 34 inch scale length of Bass Guitars.

For one is the 30 inch scale length . The 30 inch scale length has been around many years,

And a good number of Builders have consistently used the 30 inch scale with great success.

One such builder is none other than Gibson, For years they have built and put on the market the E B Series of bass guitars.

We have the Famous E B 1 Bass by Gibson That looks like a 4 string bass version of their very popular Gibson S.G. Guitar.

But there are  other scale lengths out there too. The Ashbury Bass, For a long time made by Fender, But also produced by gretch.  And tried buy a couple others as well.

This bass is not only unique in Scale Length, It sports silicone rubber strings and special piezo pickups to collect the sound of the rubber strings,

As steel or all metal strings would not make any sounds come from the ashbury bass because of metal strings require a electromagnetic pickup system to pick up and duplicate the sounds produced by the vibration of steel or metalic strings.

And The Ashbury just does not have this type of system. But the rubber strings makes it fun to play.

The Ashbury Bass is a scale of only 18 inches. But don’t be fooled by the small size of this bass guitar.

The Ashbury Bass  Produces a huge sound kinda like a full size Upright Bass Makes. People are usually shocked to hear such a big sound from the ashbury bass.

Now take the full size standup bass or Bass Viola as they are called, Although you would not play one of these in a way you would a guitar.

They do have a different scale length, And this can very from 41.3 inches to 43.3 depending if you have a 7/8 size or a 3/4 size or even a 4/4 size, Yes the Upright Bass Viola has a few different scales of its own.

And there is more many regular 5 string Bass Guitars can be found in a 35 inch scale length, And there are many brands of Bass`s that are made with 6 ,7, and even 8 strings,

And many of these long scale speciality Bass`s come in scale lengths of  35 inches ,36 inches ,and even 37 inch scale lengths, And alot of these are special custom built Bass Guitars,

One thing to be aware of when thinking about playing a long scale Bass Guitar, Is the fact about can you get strings for these Special Scale lengths ? Or would you have to have custom strings made for your bass all the time,

This could get real expensive. Bass strings already are on average about 4 to 5 times more costly than guitar strings. This could lead to a very expensive string habit…….. Something to consider

All in all alot of real tall people with very long arms, Might find the need to get a long scale bass guitar, And if you do , You can feel confident there probably is a size out there just for you.


77 guild bass b301GUILD B301 BASS GUITAR  Nice vintage Guild Bass Guitar from 1977 ,Still in great condition  after all these years and plays beautifully .

guild bass

I Think it gets better with time, Vintage 1977 guild b301, super awesome bass, has a new pickguard and a hum cancelling nordstrand zen blade pickup, all mahogany neck and body with a nicely aged cherry finish, plays great and sounds spectacular