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Aria Pro II Cardinal Bass CSB-450

 Aria Pro II Cardinal Bass CSB-450


Vintage Aria CSB-450 for sale. The pictures should speak for themselves, but some noteworthy points:

* this is the top of the line of this series produced by the Matsumoku factory in the early 1980’s
* excellent physical condition, just a few dings that come along with 40 year old bass
* deep tobacco sunburst finish
* set neck, truss rod adjusts’s perfectly
* just set up with new D’Addario strings, plays like a dream
* historical info can be found at

Editors Notes : As I have stated before this is another one of those Japanese Made Basss from back in the day. They are Fantastic Instruments, Make any of the new versions look really bad, These basss are holding great value if anyone is interested in that part of the deal. If not these old japanese basss play sweet as sugar too. The Basss im talking about were mostly made at the Matsumoku Factory in japan, But not all under the name Aria, There were a few names that they were produced under, One comes to mind is Westone, And Magna is another there are a whole bunch if you find one on craigslist or a pawnshop try to buy it .This factory turned out some high quality guitars from Japan back in the day.

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