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We are all about bringing you the Best Bass Guitar Info online, With Very Clear And detailed Color Photos of some of the most beautiful Bass Guitars In The world. Hundreds of different bass guitars new, used, vintage, with info and pictures of amplifiers, Speaker Cabinets,  And Prices of what you can expect to pay for these items on the Open Used and New Markets


About Best In Bass Guitars.com

I  Am  A Bass Player and I  Love

bass guitars all bass guitars, And all bass sounds.   I have left behind me quite a pile of blown speakers, I`m the guy who turns up the bass on everything,The car radio the T.V. everything the bass has to be there to not just hear but I want to feel it. I  Thought this might pass as I got older ? Not a chance……

And I even like to just look at Bass`s, So I Started to catalog the bass`s I was looking at. 

This site is basically that catalog. And I thought it might be helpful to  others in case others are as weird as I am about this passion.

Well there are others in fact I  have taken on a couple of partners, You will read their postings from time to time.

Best In Bass Guitars is a bass guitar review site I have been adding posts and reviews to this site steady since before 2008,

It started out as just keeping files and pics of Bass Guitars on my computer,

Then when my computer got pretty full ,Back in those days  a whole gig hard drive was huge.

I STARTED A BLOGGER BLOG , After a while I felt blogger was a little to restrictive, So in 2007 I made the plunge and got Some website hosting, And A couple of domain names ,

The site has grown out of this startup and at one point was the largest database

of bass guitar reviews anywhere online.

That`s until we got hacked really bad. When that happened we lost 2/3 rds of our site, what you see here is what has been built since the hack, There are another 1400 pages, I did get them back i hired some guys to scrape the lost pages off of the internet archives,

And i have those files stored on my server but to get HTML files turned into word press files which is what this site runs on, Is prohibitive expensive, for now. It costs a bunch of money just to recover the files.  But hey at least we have them and maybe someday soon i can afford to have the site put back together. 

As this website has never earned even one dollar im am not much of a marketer, Hell im a bass player.

With that said I hope you enjoy the site as much as i do, Hope you read it alot come back often,

P.S. I am always looking for writers who would like to publish some of their experiences of being a bass player on this site.

Or any body who has experiences of being a musician, like stories of the road, or maybe you are kinda famous.

People would love to hear about it im sure, Keep in mind it is a unpaid position.

Just use the contact webmaster form on this site to make us aware of you.


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