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Month: February 2020

Writers Wanted

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 I am always looking for writers who would like to publish some of their experiences of being a bass player on this site.

Or any body who has experiences of being a musician, like stories of the road, or maybe you are kinda famous. Or you know someone who is?

 Maybe you built a cool bass or something or you want to share something about your band This is a great place to get your word out

People would love to hear about it im sure, Keep in mind it is a unpaid position. And you do not have to be a

professional writer to share your stories here with us. And no story is a dumb story Who knows maybe writing is in your cards.

Just use the contact webmaster form on this site to make us aware of you. Then  we will get you started right away.

Don`t be shy Just Do It.

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78 Fender Musicmaster Bass Guitar

72 music master at

78 Fender Musicmaster Bass Guitar

1978 Fender Musicmaster in black. Reliced by time.

Yes, it’s dinged up, but it has been recently setup
– new bone nut
– intonation adjustment
– fret dressing
– new pick guards made to replace the original chipped black one.

No fret buzzing, and the pickup sounds amazing. Just a punchy, super fun to play instrument.

Included in the sale are 3 pick guards–tortoiseshell, white, and the original black.

Epiphone Embassy Pro Bass

Awesome and affordable bass from Epiphone. The quality of the build is amazing, especially considering the price.


It’s lightweight and freshly set up with low action, and the body shape is more comfortable and balances better than a Thunderbird,

so it’s very easy to play. Epiphone devoted significant engineering effort to recreate the tone of early Thunderbird pickups,

and they really succeeded, much more so than some other Epiphone and even Gibson basses

1979 Peavey T-40 Bass Guitar

1979 Peavey T-40 Bass Guitar
These are really awesome. Overbuilt and undervalued. Very versatile and gets compared to Rickenbackers a lot.   Neck and body are in perfect condition.

Editors Note : These are truly awesome Playing Basss I Personally have owned two of these in the past, The tones you can squeeze out of these bass`s is nothing short of incredible, You will be so surprised when you play one of these great American Made Bass Guitars.

Ibanez Fanned Fret 5 string bass

Ibanez Fanned Fret 5 string bass 

Model number srms805



Brand new Ibanez SRMS805 bass. Read the reviews. Powerful fundamental tones and tight, clear B string. This bass is an amazing value.

Traben Phoenix Bass Guitar

*RARE* Natural wood Traben Phoenix bass 


Sound is perfect, warm and clear. The action has already been calibrated for both concert and studio use, whether you slap or strum, pick or pound. Will consider best offers if you are serious.

Custom Darkstar Bass

1Custom built Precision Bass outfitted with a Guild Bisonic (Guild’s take on the Darkstar) pickup. Solid ash body with vintage nitro finish and a (re-branded) Fender neck. Plays great and feels great! Pretty unique piece




The Dean Razor Phantom Bass Guitar

The Dean Razor Phantom was only available from 2000 – 2002. Similar to the Razor Standard, but offered all black hardware and in powered black finish only.

Offset double cutaway ash body
Bolt-on maple and walnut neck
24-fret rosewood fingerboard w/ abalone dot inlay
(2) Dean Session pickups
Dean 3D preamp
(5) Black knobs
Black headstock
Grover tuners