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Month: August 2019

Dean Demonator Bass Guitar

Dean Demonator Bass Guitar


It’s a neck through design


with active electronics and an ebony board with big pearl inlays.



Looks/sounds great on stage and I was using it in a cover band over a wide range of styles.



These were made for Dean by Warwick and as such all the hardware (pickups, bridge, tuners) are Warwick.

Not only does this Bass Look Cool as can be

It Plays Like Butter

Simply love this Guitar ,  And Dean does make a High Quality Product,

Before I Got this Dean I had heard story`s about Dean Being Low Quality Cheap Brand, But Im here to say:

This is a Fine instrument, And like I Already said it plays great. I have just moved on to a 5 string,

But I Would not hesitate to get another Dean Guitar at all.