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Month: August 2019

Short Scale Bass Guitar Or Long Scale Bass Guitar

Short Or Long Scale

When it comes to bass guitar sizes as far as scale goes , We are usually talking about the length of the neck of the Bass Guitar.

With The typical scale usually being 34 inches measured from the saddle on the Bridge to the Nut on the head stock. This measurement is right for many top

brands on the public market. Like your Fenders ,Music Mans, Epiphones, Some Gibsons etc.

This is the common scale length most builders build to. And same goes with Bass Guitar String builders too. So it goes to say most of us Bass Players feel

comfortable playing a bass with a 34 inch scale length. We have learned to use this scale length without regard to the size of our bodies.

For Many players tho this scale length has actually slowed us down in our learning and in our flexibility moving about the neck.

Lets face it, not all people are made the same. And Im sure most of us Bass Players already know

there are alternatives to the 34 inch scale length of Bass Guitars.

For one is the 30 inch scale length . The 30 inch scale length has been around many years,

And a good number of Builders have consistently used the 30 inch scale with great success.

One such builder is none other than Gibson, For years they have built and put on the market the E B Series of bass guitars.

We have the Famous E B 1 Bass by Gibson That looks like a 4 string bass version of their very popular Gibson S.G. Guitar.

But there are  other scale lengths out there too. The Ashbury Bass, For a long time made by Fender, But also produced by gretch.  And tried buy a couple others as well.

This bass is not only unique in Scale Length, It sports silicone rubber strings and special piezo pickups to collect the sound of the rubber strings,

As steel or all metal strings would not make any sounds come from the ashbury bass because of metal strings require a electromagnetic pickup system to pick up and duplicate the sounds produced by the vibration of steel or metalic strings.

And The Ashbury just does not have this type of system. But the rubber strings makes it fun to play.

The Ashbury Bass is a scale of only 18 inches. But don’t be fooled by the small size of this bass guitar.

The Ashbury Bass  Produces a huge sound kinda like a full size Upright Bass Makes. People are usually shocked to hear such a big sound from the ashbury bass.

Now take the full size standup bass or Bass Viola as they are called, Although you would not play one of these in a way you would a guitar.

They do have a different scale length, And this can very from 41.3 inches to 43.3 depending if you have a 7/8 size or a 3/4 size or even a 4/4 size, Yes the Upright Bass Viola has a few different scales of its own.

And there is more many regular 5 string Bass Guitars can be found in a 35 inch scale length, And there are many brands of Bass`s that are made with 6 ,7, and even 8 strings,

And many of these long scale speciality Bass`s come in scale lengths of  35 inches ,36 inches ,and even 37 inch scale lengths, And alot of these are special custom built Bass Guitars,

One thing to be aware of when thinking about playing a long scale Bass Guitar, Is the fact about can you get strings for these Special Scale lengths ? Or would you have to have custom strings made for your bass all the time,

This could get real expensive. Bass strings already are on average about 4 to 5 times more costly than guitar strings. This could lead to a very expensive string habit…….. Something to consider

All in all alot of real tall people with very long arms, Might find the need to get a long scale bass guitar, And if you do , You can feel confident there probably is a size out there just for you.


77 guild bass b301GUILD B301 BASS GUITAR  Nice vintage Guild Bass Guitar from 1977 ,Still in great condition  after all these years and plays beautifully .

guild bass

I Think it gets better with time, Vintage 1977 guild b301, super awesome bass, has a new pickguard and a hum cancelling nordstrand zen blade pickup, all mahogany neck and body with a nicely aged cherry finish, plays great and sounds spectacular

Human Base 5-String fretless bass guitar

This is a rare Human Base BaseX.oc5 5-string fretless bass in nearly new condition.





There is one small ding on the edge of the neck, which I couldn’t get to show up in photos.




Human Base is a high-end German luthier, who introduced this line of basses as an attempt to enter the American market; bodies, necks and various other parts were made in Germany, and then shipped to the US for assembly.

The bass is loaded with very nice Delano humbuckers and a 3-band Glockenklang preamp.

The setup is beautiful – fast, low action with just enough string height to dig into. Currently set up with D’Addario flat wounds.

Overall, it’s a gorgeous workhorse instrument that is very rarely, if ever, for sale on the used market. Includes original light-weight gig bag.







Vintage late 70s Kramer 450B with original case.

Fretless Gretsch Style Bass Guitar

Fully Hollow Body Fretless Gretsch Style Bass Guitar

Get it while it’s hot! It’s the only one like it.


This bass was a kit from the fretwire that I added a Gretsch blacktop filteron pickup in the bridge.

It has also been converted to a fretless using epoxy and wood filler (like Jaco did).

This is a fantastic bass and is the closest bass guitar to an upright that I’ve ever heard.

Baltimore P- Bass Guitar

Baltimore P- Bass Guitar

baltimore pbass



Well they once again never sent much on this one

And I do not believe we have ever had one of these


A quite interesting looking Bass Guitar

Godin Ultra-4 bass -Guitar

Godin Ultra-5 bass -Guitar Acoustic electric


1/ Brand-new Godin Ultra-5 bass with original gig bag. Easy playing up and down the neck; low action and accurate intonation which are great for a fixed bridge; you got a choice of acoustic, electric or through synthesizer.

Image result for godin ultra 4 bass



 Bought new at ProAudioStar for $1095,

Image result for godin ultra 4 bass



 check it out Look at :


Fender Precision PJ Bass

Fender Precision PJ Bass

This Fender Bass Bass Guitar was made in Mexico about 25 years ago



Still plays and sounds great-

Rare 25 year old Bass with unique look

– Excellent 9.5 of 10 condition

– Active electronics

– Stack Knob configuration

– P/J Pick ups

Dean Demonator Bass Guitar

Dean Demonator Bass Guitar


It’s a neck through design


with active electronics and an ebony board with big pearl inlays.



Looks/sounds great on stage and I was using it in a cover band over a wide range of styles.



These were made for Dean by Warwick and as such all the hardware (pickups, bridge, tuners) are Warwick.

Not only does this Bass Look Cool as can be

It Plays Like Butter

Simply love this Guitar ,  And Dean does make a High Quality Product,

Before I Got this Dean I had heard story`s about Dean Being Low Quality Cheap Brand, But Im here to say:

This is a Fine instrument, And like I Already said it plays great. I have just moved on to a 5 string,

But I Would not hesitate to get another Dean Guitar at all.