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Month: June 2019

Ibanez SR400EQM bass guitar

Ibanez SR400EQM bass guitar

ibanezsr400 bass guitar



Pick up the Ibanez SR400EQM electric bass and you’ll quickly discover that Ibanez didn’t sacrifice quality to bring you a value-packed instrument.


The experience of playing the SR400EQM is much like that of Ibanez’s higher-end SR Series models, thanks to the SR400EQM’s sleek 5-piece maple/walnut neck and comfortable arched mahogany body with an eye-popping quilt maple top.





Whether you’re a beginning bassist looking for your first quality instrument or a pro who needs a reliable backup, the Ibanez SR400EQM is an outstanding value.

Peavey T-40 Bass Bass Guitar

Peavey T-40 Bass Bass Guitar


Peavey T-40 Bass Bass Guitar  – Classic electric bass in great condition. Recently serviced. This thing is a BEAST with great tone!
Comes with a hard case.PEAVEY T-40 BASS

Editors note: I Was once lucky enough to own one of these Basss,

Beautiful bass to play,Unfortunately i got talked out of it but loved it while I had it,

These Bass`s have a special type of tone pre-amps in them that are unique to Peavey,

Maybe someone who knows more about them will chime in. Because all i know is you can really get some unique sounds out of these bass`sPEAVEY T-40 BASS

Fender (Squire) 5-String Bass


 Fender Squire 5-String Bass …..

O.K. Readers see if you can figure out whats wrong with this posting ? This is just the way it was sent to me I never altered a word, Lets see how sharp we are today.


Great action, solid bridge and quiet passive electronics.squire 5string bass guitar




Precision body with Bartollini pickups that access all the Fender Jazz and Precision tones. Great action, solid bridge and quiet passive electronics.

Gibson Grabber II Bass Guitar

Gibson Grabber II Bass Guitar

Number 176 out of 350 made
Made in USA  Replaced the original bridge with a much better Hipshot bridge. Now this bass is rock solid and extremely adjustable. Original bridge included.gibson grabber bass



Sad to see this bad boy go, but I no longer play in bands and it deserves to be with someone who will play it.




Fender Squire Jaguar Bass 5 string

 Fender Squire Jaguar Bass 5 string 


Barely used 5-string bass, with active pickup. Plays like a Dream Low Flat Action got that down low B string Mojo got to love the sound of this Bass. Great Condition, P bass With The J bass attitude,Active preamp I Mean what is not to like, This Baby has it all.

fender jaguar squire 5stringfender jaguar basssquire jag bass

USA Mosrite Bass Guitar

USA Mosrite Bass Guitar – Serial Number 230464 or 2b0464 (It’s a little hard to tell.)
Electronics in fully working condition, both tone and volume.usa mosriteusa mosriteusa mosrite serial numbers



Correct Mosrite branding on Pickups, Neck, Tuners.
Does come with Trem Cover, in case.

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

This Thing is beautiful in person White Pristine Vintage Modified Jazz Bass By Squier, Dont come more gorgeous Looking Basssquire vintage jazz


This is a Squier Vintage Modified with a custom neck that I set-up to play dropped to C# standard for some metal recordings.

I will throw in a free set-up(truss rod, intonation, action) and some regular gauge strings if ya want to play it in standard tuning.

I will set it up for an even lower tuning if the brutality of your music requires it. No sweat and free of charge.
I replaced the rear pickup cover to improve the color scheme,


vintage modified squiersquire modified jazz

Bill Nash 5 String bass Fender Jazz Bass

featured bill nash 5 string bass

Bill Nash 5 String bass Fender Jazz Bass

bill nash 5 stringbill nash 5 string2



Here is a Bill Nash 5 string that i recently bought and have not gigged..i never played it live, ever….i am not a 5 string player….so buy You should buy cheap from me instead of big  $ form the store. Im open for business on this beautiful Bill Nash 5 String Jazz Bass, One of Fenders Best Kept Secrets.