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Month: May 2019

Ibanez SR400 4 String Bass Guitar –

 Ibanez SR400 4 String Bass

ibanez sr400bassibanezsr400

Guitar -A Used Ibanez SR400 4 String Electric Bass Guitar In Great Working And Looking Condition!!ibanezsr400-1

Gretch Bass Guitar.

gretch headstock

Gretch Bass Guitar.gretch bass guitar@bestinbassguitars.comgretch bass guitar



Gretch Bass Guitar. Short scale design. Guitar has the same sound as slightly longer bass instruments but is more compact. It’s a great instrument for someone with shorter reach or smaller hands.


It is an easy instrument to transition to from a standard electric or acoustic guitar.
Comes with gig bag, flat wound strings ($30) plus a set of round wound strings and leather strap.
This instrument looks and plays like new.

Music Man Sterling Bass

Music Man Sterling Bass

Music Man Sterling Bass 

Black Music Man Sterling Bass SB14 Bass.

Like new condition. Excellent sound and Playability. Comes with black and silver pick guard. Super hard rock maple neck w/dark rosewood fret board – perfect neck!Music Man Sterling Bass2Music Man Sterling Basshead

Body has internal routing for weight adjustment. This is a pro quality Bass. Read reviews.

This is not an SUB Bass. Current models are selling for approx. $700

1963 MT-60 Vox Bass Amp

vox vt60 amp

 1963 MT-60 Vox Bass Amp 

vox vt60 ampvoxvt60=2vox vt60=4=5 This is the 1st amp that Vox gave Sir McCartney to use after they got back from Hamburg I’m told. There are very few of these around since the germanium transistors generally self-destructed.


Those have been replaced and this is in fine working order. It’s actually pretty loud and sounds beatlely. I’m asking a lot because i can’t find a comparable price on a 63′. This has a 10″ and 15″ speaker but the 15″ was replaced.

Music Man Bongo 5 Bass Guitar

Music Man Bongo 5 Bass Guitar

This is a beautiful bass. Plays, sounds and looks fantastic. 18v 4 band preamp is very clean and high headroom. You can achieve any tone with this bass, from throaty bridge pickup sounds, to warm P-Bass like sounds on the neck pickup, to great slap bass tone in the middle setting. Sits very well in a mix and is extremely versatile. B-string is tight, punchy, and the neck is one of the fastest I’ve played (feels much better than the Stingray IMO.)

I’ve had this instrument for 3 years and have taken pristine care of it, with multiple professional setups and regular cleanings. Everything is in perfect condition except for a few small paint chips on the headstock (pictured,) which are hardly noticeable unless you’re looking closely. Only selling because I want to try out a Dingwall and see what the fanned-fret rage is all about 🙂


These go for $2400 new, given the condition it’s in it’s priced to sell! These USA made instruments hold their value extremely well, so it’s a great investment vs. a cheaper bass made overseas 🙂



music man bongo5bongo5-2bongo5-3

Custom Made Bass Guitar

Custom Made Bass Guitar


Putting up my recently completed bass. I designed the body and layout to have a vintage feel and sound. It has a sound similar to the Cabronita basses. Simple control layout with one volume one tone.

custom bass guitarcustom bass guitar

Billy Sheehan Basic Bass Lesson

bbgbanner21 guitar shop sitelogo

Billy Sheehan Basic Bass Lesson


Billy Breaks It Down To General Guide Lines for beginner Bass Players, How to choose your bass and general tips for beginners starting out playing Bass Guitar.

This is a very useful video for all beginners and Players not quite in the Advanced stages of your bass playing career. Some Great learning tips here to take in and retain this information



Epiphone Pro Thunderbird Bass Guitar

Epiphone Pro Thunderbird Bass 


Active, through neck epiphone pro thunderbird bass guitar

pro thunderbirdpro thunderbird2thunderbird bass