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Month: May 2019

Changing Pickups On Your Bass Guitar

changing pickups on bass guitarChanging Pickups On Your Bass Guitar

Changing pickups on your Bass Guitar can actually change your old Bass Guitar into something brand new if you plan ahead,And know what you are looking for.Maybe you have a favorite that’s old or just does`t sound good anymore,Or maybe you have a bass that just never did sound good.Don’t be so quick to discard that bass guitar at least not the body just yet.

Ever consider changing the  pickups on that old bass guitar or electronics and make that weak tired sounding bass guitar sound like a 8.0 on the richter scale.? Well you can and a hell of allot cheaper than buying a brand new bass.

Parts are more and more,Easy to come by these days,They are making reproduction parts,And new old parts,And creating brand new gadgets at record speed and less expensive than ever. What used to be custom shop is now order ready right off the Internet Tone boosters ,Preamps, Pickups,Piezoes, ,Tone Cutters,special effects that make guitars and basses sound like a whole orchestras,Have flooded on to the Internet market. Just shop around you can can load your Guitar or Bass with the electronics of the most expensive models out there, And may I add with out breaking the bank.
You can make a old jazz bass`s active,By just changing that little chrome piece of your pickguard,You can get a new one with everything on it,Vol,Tone hi ,Tone med,low already  installed on the pick guard,For starting at about 45.00 bucks,How about those old pickups?
Now you can hot rod your old Japanese Basses you have hung onto for all these years,Like the Univox`s, and those Supro`s ,Harmony`s get em out of the closet, Put new life in them.
You can replace your alnico`s brand new for less than 50.00 bucks.change bass pickups
Gibson Bass Pickups try brand new humbuckers just like the thunder birds starting at 40.00 dollars.J Bass pickups brand new Active set of j bass pickups for a hundred bucks. Music Mans change out the old dead reproduction pickups on the imitation music mans that are out there change them out for the real thing 60.00 each.
Got a Beatles Bass copy laying around? Why not change the pickups on this bass guitar? I already researched it. How about putting some real hofner style chrome pickups on it starting at $30.00 each, or you can get the hofner control plate with active electronics,The little plate with the slide switches and knobs on it ? Up grade with active electronics starting at about  $105.00.
Many companies make new hot and active pickups for the factory Fenders ,Music Man,Ric’s,Hofners,And all the copies you can name, all you got to do is decide what you want.
And for the most part,No need to cut or router your guitar body,The new pickups come ready made to go right in where the old pickups came out.Just a little soldiering, And even some others are soldier free,You just twist the wires together away you go.
There are other modifications you can do too really change your Bass Guitar
You might have already seen these Roland makes a few models, It calls for changing the electronic pickup plus playing through a special preamp,But the sound is nothing but amazing,
You can actually produce horns,violins, unbelievable bass guitar sounds right from your 4 string bass.And much much more. Its incredible start sounding like White Album or Yellow Submarine.
I Wont even get into effects loops,And those type of recorded effects,That is a whole different bag of strings there. But by just changing the pickups and adding preamp,You will be shocked to see the improvements you can make to a tired old Bass Guitar.
One thing I must mention … I Don’t want someone to get started then find out I did not mention a important factor.All preamp systems well most of them anyways,Take a nine or two nine volts batteries,Too deliver the juice it takes to run a active preamp or pickup system.
Sometimes its necessary to put a hole in your Bass Guitar Body to install the battery holder.
But you can get lucky,I put A 9 Volt Active System in a old Passive Jazz Bass of mine and with the new mini pots being so small,I Was able too fit my new battery that i never had before, right inside the existing cavity already in the Bass Body.
So you can look for parts that will work with your situation and save alot of work or trouble if you are not sure about doing these kinds of modifications to your guitars.
And if you are uneasy about modifying one of your Bass`s take it to your favorite music store,Don’t ruin your Bass, Trying something you are not comfortable with doing as far as modifying  body`s and carving on your Guitars, a little slip or wrong calculation could be devastating.
This article is not about making any kinds of commissions on Bass Parts  or trying to earn points with any supplier ,its just as it appears information you can use,
So I am not recommending any certain parts or company to buy your new bass parts from just do a search online or go to your favorite Guitar Store and explain what you want to do they should be happy to help you out.

Fender 1968 Precision Bass Guitar

68 pbass numbers

68 Precision Bass Guitar This is a well preserved relic Fender,

A Real Survivor





Vintage 1968 Fender P bass. Excellent vintage condition, extremely lightweight and plays amazing. The 3 tone burst has nicely faded to more of a 2 tone burst.


All original with the exception of the pots that date to the early 90’s. Original HSC included.

Editors notes: I never got a good pic of the front of this bass if you cannot see the small pics rest assured it looks good i mean for a 1968 bass really good.

Sx jazz pj bass ash body



Beautiful sx jazz bass with precision pickup, plays great and sounds fantastic, ash body maple neck, very nice grain through the body and neck,
Beautiful sx jazz bass with precision pickup, plays great and sounds fantastic, ash body maple neck, very nice grain through the body and neck, these basses are very underrated and I think they’re a steal for the money.

Editors Notes : I love these S X Bass`s I had one myself a while back I took in by a trade it played great really had the Fender Jazz old school feel and tone actually. I was impressed.

Learn Your Bass Scales


Learn Your Bass Guitar Scales

As Bass Players we have a certain responsibility
when playing with other musicians,
And That Is to furnish a great bass line or groove
that makes the
listener want to hear more, And hold the song together,
Plus set a tempo that moves the rest of the band along.
And if you are also the singer like some  bass players are, 
(Jack Bruce)
You need to add that to our list of duties while
playing live music.
Yeah the Bass Players Job has expanded for sure
lets say since
the arrival of funk music , And Larry Graham Especially in
today’s modern music  you notice more and more slap bass
playing in rock songs,About
I Can remember a time when some of your average bass players would not be
good enough to play some of today’s music, Not meant to be a knock on some of us older players ,But the amazing talent
out there has driven the complexity of the music way up.
The role of the Bass Player has greatly expanded, From the relative
comfort of playing the 1, 4 , 5 `s, or the single 8th notes that
we all did back in the 60`s and Seventys, and into the start of the 80s
Today’s Bass Players get little if any rest thru-out the song,
like we used to enjoy for making things easy and back when
many times the Bass Player was a buddy that wanted to join a band,
  And we know  they used to always say anyone can be the
bass player.
Not Anymore.
Today`s music demands a highly skilled and talented
Bass Player.
Sometimes We have to come up with catchy bass lines almost
on the spot. Especially true if you do very much Jamming with
strangers, Or music you have never heard or played before.
I recently attended a few open mics in my area ,I do this once in
a while , to keep myself  sharp especially if im not in a band at the
And I like to play alot, i miss playing music with other musicians ,
Its hard to go a week or 10 days for me.
Could not believe some of the great talent thats out there, 
One thing that has not changed very much tho, That is and i guess
always will be Bass Players Are always in high demand.
Some of the bass players i know play in 2 maybe 3 different
projects at once. 
I was in a situation like this last week, Sitting in with a bunch
of talented musicians at a open jazz Jam, I  got 2 offers to come
out and play regular with bands, Not bragging thats not the point ,
Point is bass players in high demand
That I got invited to come Join in the fun. Was so cool for me its
always great to get a invite to go play music.
But I must admit some of the music was complicated a bit ,
But I got thru it shining ,And really had a great time.
This could have been a train wreck
A lot of songs i really did not know that well or maybe
not at all.
All I knew was the Key or root note. And it made me so happy I
 had taken the time in the past to learn my Bass Scales.
Especially the minor scales,
And really if you know the key and a hint of the tempo,
You can catch on fairly easily
That is if you know your Scales.
 I Probably do not have to say this but Many of You im sure
know already there is a scale
Or a set of notes on the fret board for every key.
Even the notes
that make up  The chords. The thing that makes this
all way easier is
knowing what notes you need to play that all sound
good together
That is what notes in the  scales do , they all sound good together.
These groups of  notes  are called Scales.
nuff said
And we typically use about 12 of them, How Many are There ?  
im not sure but alot of them. I had a book of bass scales around
here some where seems like it had at least 50 pages.
But just knowing the Main 12 will usually get you by
just fine.
Most scales have 8 notes and go from root to root a
octave above.
So Learn and  Practice These scales for your bass guitar.
They will no doubt come in handy many times over in
your music playing career.
I Know they have saved me tons of embarrassment
over the years.
Now here is a link where you can learn much more
about scales
And What I think is really cool the scales are written
out in bass tab.
And much other musical info for players,
This is not a affiliate link And im getting nothing for
sending you there,
Some people get all bent out of shape if they think we are
earning money off some info.
But thats not the case ,
I`m just trying to help players learn as easy as possible
And I find this page to be helpful in that regard ,
The site owners do not even know im sending them traffic.
So Rest assured no money made here The Link here



Crosstown Traffic

bbgbanner21 guitar shop sitelogo

You jump in front of my car when you,
you know all the time
Ninty miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive
You tell me it’s alright, you don’t mind a little pain
You say you just want me to take you for a drive

You’re just like crosstown traffic
So hard to get through to you
Crosstown traffic
I don’t need to run over you
Crosstown traffic
All you do is slow me down
And I’m tryin’ to get on the other side of town
I’m not the only soul who’s accused of hit and run
Tire tracks all across your back
I can, I can see you had your fun
But, darlin’ can’t you see my signals turn from green to red
And with you I can see a traffic jam straight up ahead
You’re just like crosstown traffic
So hard to get through to you
Crosstown traffic
I don’t need to run over you
Crosstown traffic
All you do is slow me down
And I got better things on the other side of town

Jimi Hendrix

1975 Fender Jazz Bass – Vintage

1975 Fender Jazz Bass – Vintage


1975 Fender Jazz Bass. Natural. Fantastic instrument, powerful but also articulate. Plays wonderfully, recently set up at 12th Fret and they did a great job on this one. Strung with D’addario Chromes (flatwounds).75jazz bass75jazzback


Action is nice and low. I believe frets are original and have plenty of life left. Weighs ~ 10.5 lbs. Body was refinished a long time ago (originally a blonde), probably around the same time the bridge replacement happened. I love this bass but have decided to sell as I have a second jazz and want to focus on playing one bass really well, not choosing which bass to play.

All original except pickups (replacements made by a local builder/winder highly recommended by/carried by 12th Fret – brand is ShakyTone), pickguard, bridge (BadAss II), strap buttons (now Schaller straplocks), and nut (brass).

Ibanez Black Eagle Reissue Bass

 Ibanez Black Eagle Reissue Bass 



Ibanez Black Eagle Reissue Bass

I’m selling my beautiful Ibanez Black Eagle.

It plays and sounds great.

I upgraded the original bridge with a Gotoh high mass.

These reissues are getting impossible to find. ibanezblackeagle1ibanezblackeagle12black eagle


Tobias Growler Bass Guitar

Tobias Growler Bass Guitar

tobias growler basstobiasgrowler2




1997 Growler US made model with OHSC in excellent condition with fresh setup.Electronics in perfect working order.

Ibanez SR400 4 String Bass Guitar –

 Ibanez SR400 4 String Bass

ibanez sr400bassibanezsr400

Guitar -A Used Ibanez SR400 4 String Electric Bass Guitar In Great Working And Looking Condition!!ibanezsr400-1

Gretch Bass Guitar.

gretch headstock

Gretch Bass Guitar.gretch bass guitar@bestinbassguitars.comgretch bass guitar



Gretch Bass Guitar. Short scale design. Guitar has the same sound as slightly longer bass instruments but is more compact. It’s a great instrument for someone with shorter reach or smaller hands.


It is an easy instrument to transition to from a standard electric or acoustic guitar.
Comes with gig bag, flat wound strings ($30) plus a set of round wound strings and leather strap.
This instrument looks and plays like new.

Music Man Sterling Bass

Music Man Sterling Bass

Music Man Sterling Bass 

Black Music Man Sterling Bass SB14 Bass.

Like new condition. Excellent sound and Playability. Comes with black and silver pick guard. Super hard rock maple neck w/dark rosewood fret board – perfect neck!Music Man Sterling Bass2Music Man Sterling Basshead

Body has internal routing for weight adjustment. This is a pro quality Bass. Read reviews.

This is not an SUB Bass. Current models are selling for approx. $700

1963 MT-60 Vox Bass Amp

vox vt60 amp

 1963 MT-60 Vox Bass Amp 

vox vt60 ampvoxvt60=2vox vt60=4=5 This is the 1st amp that Vox gave Sir McCartney to use after they got back from Hamburg I’m told. There are very few of these around since the germanium transistors generally self-destructed.


Those have been replaced and this is in fine working order. It’s actually pretty loud and sounds beatlely. I’m asking a lot because i can’t find a comparable price on a 63′. This has a 10″ and 15″ speaker but the 15″ was replaced.

Music Man Bongo 5 Bass Guitar

Music Man Bongo 5 Bass Guitar

This is a beautiful bass. Plays, sounds and looks fantastic. 18v 4 band preamp is very clean and high headroom. You can achieve any tone with this bass, from throaty bridge pickup sounds, to warm P-Bass like sounds on the neck pickup, to great slap bass tone in the middle setting. Sits very well in a mix and is extremely versatile. B-string is tight, punchy, and the neck is one of the fastest I’ve played (feels much better than the Stingray IMO.)

I’ve had this instrument for 3 years and have taken pristine care of it, with multiple professional setups and regular cleanings. Everything is in perfect condition except for a few small paint chips on the headstock (pictured,) which are hardly noticeable unless you’re looking closely. Only selling because I want to try out a Dingwall and see what the fanned-fret rage is all about 🙂


These go for $2400 new, given the condition it’s in it’s priced to sell! These USA made instruments hold their value extremely well, so it’s a great investment vs. a cheaper bass made overseas 🙂



music man bongo5bongo5-2bongo5-3

Custom Made Bass Guitar

Custom Made Bass Guitar


Putting up my recently completed bass. I designed the body and layout to have a vintage feel and sound. It has a sound similar to the Cabronita basses. Simple control layout with one volume one tone.

custom bass guitarcustom bass guitar

Epiphone Pro Thunderbird Bass Guitar

Epiphone Pro Thunderbird Bass 


Active, through neck epiphone pro thunderbird bass guitar

pro thunderbirdpro thunderbird2thunderbird bass

Vintage 70’s MIJ Precision-style Bass

 Vintage 70’s MIJ Precision-style Bass


This is a 1970’s Made in Japan Precision-style bass. It’s not quite full-scale, but not a short scale either. It’s been professionally setup and plays and intonates well. The original pickup was completely dead, so it’s been replaced with a Seymour Duncan Antiquity 50’s-style pickup. Great output and sounds amazing. 


The bass is all original with the exception of the pickup.

The bass is in great condition and feels great. I was hoping my son could use it, but it’s just a touch too big, so I need to find a better solution for him.

Japanese instruments can be very hard to pin down to a particular manufacturer. I think I’ve found a bass that’s almost identical online under the name “Delta”. I’d be happy to send on the link if you’d like to check it out. Regardless, the bass is very well made and sounds and feels great, which is often the case with vintage Japanese instruments.



Check the pickup straight single bobin just big enough to hold 4 poles thats rap.

mij jazz bass


FleaBass 4-string Bass Guitar

flea bass guitar

 FleaBass 4-string Bass Guitar


The Model 32 bass from Flea Bass, designed to Flea’s own specifications, is professionally set up and tested by technicians to deliver excellent sustain and rich tone. Its solid alder body’s dual cutaways make for easy access to the higher frets, and its chrome bridge/tailpiece is fully adjustable.

The Model 32’s solid maple neck with rosewood fingerboard has a smooth satin finish for superb playability. To seal the deal, the matching headstock features Flea’s autograph and signature doodles.

34″ scale, 20-fret electric bass
Professionally set up by technicians to meet Flea’s specs
Alder body
Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
Adjustable chrome bridge/tailpiece
Matching headstock with Flea’s autograph and signature doodles

flea bass guitarflea bass



20 modern music basslines that became famous to this day some still are, these lines are recognized all over

Now here is a Guy Who has got down 100 famous Lines Non Stop You Got to check this out..

Epiphone Vintage Series Thunderbird Bass

Epiphone Vintage Series Thunderbird Bass



For sale is an awesome Vintage Series Thunderbird bass.

Key Features:
All Original Bass
USA Gibson Pickups and Electronics
Neck Through Design
Thunderbird fitted case included

Vintage Series Thunderbird bass. Vintage Series Thunderbird bass.

This is a very nice, high quality bass. It’s setup perfectly, plays great and is recently restrung with Roto-Sound Swing Bass 66 medium gauge strings. This bass sounds great. It tracks very well for recording and 
is very light for live gigging.

Squier Classic Vibe ’70s Jazz Bass

Squier Classic Vibe ’70s Jazz Bass


I haven’t used this in months, so it’s time to find a new home with someone that will put this beauty to use! I thought I would get back into bass, but I just don’t have the desire anymore. I had always wanted one of these Squire’s. Many will scoff at the name Squire, because of the general poor quality with their cheaper instruments, but make no mistake, these vintage styled basses (and guitars) are great quality for the price. squire classic vibe jazz bassSquier Classic Vibe '70s Jazz Bass

This bass is in pretty good condition. Light scratches from normal use, and a couple of small dings in the backside, but nothing else to note. The hardcase does have some large dents, notably on the edge where the plastic has cracked. This was not a great quality case to begin with, but came with the bass when I bought it. Still serves it’s function of protecting and carrying the bass. All latches close, has a lock on one, but I never received a key from previous owner.

Editors notes : the pics that were sent for this post were too small to post if your watching maybe send me more thanks