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Month: April 2019

Vox Apache 2 Bass Guitar

Vox Apache 2 Bass Guitar

vox apachee1vox apachee controlvox apacheeheadstock

selling a Vox Apache 2 bass, has a built in amp with a 4 inch speaker. basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard. this bass is really fun and convenient.

Carvin LB60 stereo bass guitar

 Carvin LB60 stereo bass guitar

carvinstereo bass4 carvinstereo bass1carvinstereo2


Vintage 1987 Carvin 4 string bass guitar. Original Carvin H11B vert-stack double coil humbucker pickups. Body and neck made of Eastern hardrock maple. Very good professional quality, handcrafted in USA. 


Wish we had better images but oh well


Peavy Bass Guitar T-20

bbgbanner8 bass players need to play

 Peavy Bass Guitar T-20peavey bass


1982 Peavy bass, straight neck, plays great, feels good.  Back in the 80s these Bass`s were very popular but besides that they still remain hard to find. And if you get a chance to grab one Do It!

1965 Fender Precision Bass – Very Modified

 1965 Fender Precision Bass – Very Modified


modified p bass



Yes, this is a 1965 Precision Electric Bass. Neck and Body have been extensively modified. Not stock tuners but original pickups, hardware and bridge. A player’s bass and conversation piece. Neck super fast and also great for guitarists and smaller hands.  modified P BASS GUITAR




EDITORS NOTES This has to be the most different style of P Bass I have ever seen. :

Editors More Notes : 08/31/19

This awesome Bass Guitar I just have to chime in on this bass.

It is a 1965 Fender Precision Bass, That makes it worth about 1200.00  to  2000.oo or more.

However the way its been modified , Im going to base this on personal opinion only ,The way this Bass Has been

Modified I believe it hurts the value of this Classic Fender Bass Guitar.  Although some might argue my

Point  I will agree it is very cool looking, I Have not had the opportunity to handle this Bass Guitar, Or

Check Out  the work that was done. I am curious as too how it looks up close. He is asking 900.00 bucks

The way it sits, With a Case.

You could get way more without all the mods But Hey Why Not.

If Everything Was The Same……..      Nothing Would Be Different !!!!

modified p bass3modified pbass

WARRIOR Signature Instrument 5-String Bass

warrior bass featured

WARRIOR Signature Instrument 5-String Bass


Sorry i really wanted to show you this beauty bass but the images i was sent are corrupt ill see if i can get more

Circa 2005 Warrior 5-string, 18V neck-through with Bartolini pick-ups. Comes with original Warrior croc leather case, beautiful snap-on leather strap and a certificate of authentication. Very low action with no buzz anywhere whatsoever. Light weight, easy playing neck and sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before. This bass was hand-crafted by the skillful luthier JD Lewis (his signature is on the headstock of the bass,) not machine-made like the new ones nowadays.
The price is FIRM. No trading, no low-balling. Serious buyer only. Come and give it a test drive, you won’t be disappointed.



warrior bass warrior bass featured

Danelectro 3412 Bass 1960

danoelectric bass

 Danelectro 3412 Bass 1960 

danoelectric bassdanoelectric bass



You know what it is. You know what it can do. Rare. Great shape. Vintage. All original. For the serious bass connoisseur. Bring your Grey Poupon. It’s dusty!

Short Scale Ibanez Bass Guitar

shortscale ibanez

 Short Scale Ibanez Bass Guitar

shortscale ibanezssibanez2


>$75 worth of accessories INCLUDED in $180 price:
Upgraded knobs – KNOBEEZ soft, matte black rubber knobs (stock knobs were very cheap plastic) cost $15
Upgraded strings – D’Addario ENR71S Half Rounds Short Scale 45-100 – cost $27
Includes fitted, branded gig bag (that is custom, not included from guitar store) cost $20
Soft Levy Suede strap in a nice matching color – super comfortable! cost $15

Also including the stock strings. I didn’t use them but I can’t account for how long it hung at the music store.
Including all receipts and documentation that I have.
I am a new player without a lot of finger strength and not much time to play, so frets are great. Bought and used for Rocksmith. I’ve gotten a new bass that suits my style better and need to recoup some of the cost by selling this one, though I really do love it. Pretty hard to part with. Sounds and works just amazingly. The size is just right for a 5’3″ woman. About the same size and weight as a basic electric guitar. Action is low without buzz and it’s got a flat, satin neck that’s just a dream, especially if you’re just learning. I can’t find a single flaw on it and it does have a padded gig bag with ample pockets. Look up reviews on this little thing. It’s really impressive for the price. Bought from Trade Up Music, NOT FROM GUITAR CENTER! I got it in excellent condition. Not at all abused and very well set up.



The short scale length is GREAT for a guitar player having a hard time switching between guitar and bass scale length. It basically plays like a four string guitar only it has a smaller body. GREAT for teens or anyone who wants to play sitting on a couch or chair or older bass players struggling with mobility. With the “deader” sound of the half round strings it really doesn’t sound any different from a full length bass guitar. It’s a PJ, has one precision and one jazz pickup which makes it greatly versatile. Good attack with a pick, nice fat sound with fingers.

DINGWALL Afterburner 5-string bass


 DINGWALL Afterburner 5-string bass Guitar







DINGWALL Afterburner 5-string fan fret bass in like new condition with new strings and factory hard shell case. Great sounding instrument. Very easy to play. Controls for: volume, front-rear pickup, treble, stacked mid-range, bass and humbucker on/off.

Dingwall basses endorsed by Leland Sklar, world famous player.

Sale includes Allen (hex) wrenches for all set screws and a high quality leather strap.

 DINGWALL Afterburner 5-string bass Guitar DINGWALL Afterburner 5-string bass Guitar DINGWALL Afterburner 5-string bass Guitar




Ocean 4 string bass guitar made by Laguna.

Its a nice looking Bass And its a neck thru body design

We all know these type of bass`s have alot or resonance and sound real thick.

Laguna ocean 4 string bass guitar. Hardware is in Good condition, body is in presteen shape,play has good action. one piece neck/body
Includes hard case,

laguna bass @bestinbassguitars.comlagunabasslaguna bass

The Bass guitar  has changed the world.

bass has changed the world

The Bass guitar  has changed the world.



As A Very Young Instrument The Electric Bass Guitar Has Made Massive Strides In Changing The Sound Of Modern Music,

More Than Alot Of Other Instruments That Come To Mind,

Just Imagine The Beatles “Come Together” Without Paul McCartney`s
Famous Bass Lines,

Or Try To Picture The Cream WithOut A Electric Bass, All Those Songs We Grew Up With ,

Would Not Have Been Possible
Just 30 Years Earlier When Leo Fender In The Late 40`s,Came Up With The First Electric Bass Guitar.

Here Are Some Examples To Recon With
Just Imagine This Music With No Bass Guitars, Then you realize how

The Bass guitar  has changed the world.

The Bass was a huge part of our modern early music

More than anyone else, it was Cream who changed the face of British rock music.

They took the fusion of blues and rock pioneered by Alexis Korner and John Mayall to places where it had never been before. They employed a level of group improvisation

that was worthy of free jazz. In fact, their music had basically three layers:

a pop melody, lengthy solos inspired by free jazz,

and a propulsive rhythm’n’blues beat.By the electric Bass Guitar

They indulged in guitar distortions and dissonant solos that were shocking for an audience raised on the Beatles.

Even the soul-jazz melodies of Sunshine Of Your Love (1967) and White Room (1968), while not revolutionary,

pointed towards a more sophisticated kind of “pop” than the childish refrains of Mersey-beat.

The Bass Guitar Builds Music


Cream was the most successful of the blues revival bands, forcing British rock that at the time still fed on pop tunes, to an abrupt reversal of direction.

The Who had already given it a try, and the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds had already reformed the blues in a revolutionary way, while Bob Dylan had experimented with long topical songs on Blonde On Blonde.

But it was Cream that made the new genre happen.

Cream was the band that altered the format of the rock song: long free jams recorded live instead of three minutes of verse, bridge, and chorus recorded in the studio.It would have been way too boring without the Bass Guitar.

They sold fifteen million albums in three years, a record that made the Beatles seem like losers.

The members of this power trio, formed in the autumn 1966, were all veterans of the blues revival. Guitarist Eric Clapton was the same prodigy who revealed himself with the Yardbirds,

and who had contributed to the legendary recording of Bluesbreakers with John Mayall. Drummer Peter “Ginger” Baker, skilled at many forms of percussion, had already played, in 1960, with the Nigerian musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti, and in 1962 with Alexis Korner and the Graham Bond Organisation.

Scottish bassist Jack Bruce had traveled some of the same roads as Baker, before joining Manfred Mann. Bruce and Clapton had met each other in the Powerhouse,

A short-lived lineup put together by John Mayall, that also included Steve Winwood at the keyboard.

With Cream these three virtuosos simply brought to fruition the experience that they developed in the London clubs,

bringing to the rock concert stage long, electric, high volume improvisations.

Cream debuted with two singles: Wrapping Paper, that belongs to the early psychedelic era, and I Feel Free, the first taste of Clapton’s solos.

Fresh Cream (Atco, 1966) was an historic event: Clapton’s high volume distortions, Baker’s acrobatic style, and Bruce’s melodic atmosphere raised ordinary and rather poor material (mostly covers, except for Toad by Baker and NSU by Bruce) to the highest levels.

The compositions of Jack Bruce take over on Disraeli Gears (1967), an album decidedly more pop and less bluesy, produced by Felix Pappalardi.

Strange Brew is a typical example of how the group could transform blues into rock for intellectuals who were tired of Beatles pop tunes.

Tales Of Brave Ulysses, Clapton’s tour de force, features the introduction of the wah-wah pedal.

Sunshine Of Your Love, a long collective delirium based on one of Bruce’s catchy and obsessive riffs,

Remains their masterpiece.

And all because of the Electric Bass Guitar

Their fame came with their concerts, which in America instituted a social shock as important as the love-ins of the hippies. Clapton, fast and incisive, Bruce, pulsating and powerful,

And Baker, loud and overflowing, created a new standard for popular music.

Never Too Old To Play The Bass

Never Too Old To Start Playing Bass Guitar


Picking Up The Bass Again at 60Bob’s Story

When it comes to the decision to play the bass guitar, not everybody is picking up the instrument for the first time. Sometimes, the person who wants to play already has many years of experience. Maybe you played as a young person and gave it up when job, family and, well, LIFE needed your         attention more than your beloved bass?

We all know that players might have to put down their basses to do the things they have to do in this world. But there’s no reason why you can’t come back. Now that your major responsibilities have been met, Are you itching to get back to being a thunder-maker? If you’re a bit nervous or reluctant to take the plunge, read this little fictional story. I hope it will inspire you to do what you know you want to do!

But yet there still are many mature folks that have always wanted to be a musician,  But The right perfect moment just never presented itself,

Its Kinda like that business idea you have had for years, And you really feel like its a goldmine just waiting to be opened up.  But circumstances have just never been perfect to give it a shot.

But you know what ? Circumstances may never be Perfect, And waiting and waiting for that perfect moment,  Is shorting yourself,  You need to be positive, You need to forget about failure do not even let failure cross your mind.

And if its a expense issue, Please know with the proper education about purchasing a bass guitar

(Please read our Bass Guitar Buying Guide ) You can always recoup the cost of buying that bass of your dreams (usually 100% ) So put that thought away too.bbgbanner00 site map



Bob strolls into the music store. He’s grey at the temples, wears glasses, and has a bit of a stiffness to his walk. In his eyes, a lifetime of experience. He’s been married for thirty five years. The kids have gone on to start families of their own, and Bob’s been thinking about something.

The salesman watches as he makes his way over to the bass guitars. He follows. “Can I help you find something?”

Bob tucks his hands in his pockets and motions his chin at the Jazz Bass hanging on the wall. “She’s a beauty.” I forgot how to hold one of these girls.

The salesman eases the Jazz from its perch and hands it over. Bob lifts his foot to the rung of a nearby stool and rests the Jazz on his leg. He plays a 12-bar walking line with a lot of feeling and groove.

The salesman plugs the Jazz into a floor amp and sets the dials. Bob plays more lines and the now amplified thunder shakes the floor. He`s lost in the fret board and  doesn’t hear as the salesman relates some of the features of this particular Jazz. All he hears is the thunder.

When he finishes his demo, he turns the Jazz over in his hands. “I used to play when I was younger. We did school dances, local weddings. Pop, rock, blues, swing from 60s and 70s mostly.”

The salesman asks, “Planning to take it up again?”

Bob hands back the Jazz. “Oh I don’t know. Just looking, I guess.”

“Well, you’re pretty good, man.” He gives Bob his card. “You should think about it.”

When Bob gets home, he takes out his old photo album and does a Memory Lane once-over of the guys in the band and some of their stage gigs. He really would like to play again, but the truth be told, it’s been so long and he knows he’s no Spring Chicken anymore. And anyway, what’s the point of buying a brand new Jazz Bass when he’s probably forgotten most of what he used to know? A few basslines in the music store does not mean he could still play all the songs he used to love.

But wasn’t the thunder great, though? Wasn’t it a genuine thrill to feel the floor rumbling again under his feet?

I’m almost sixty, he reminds himself. I can’t start all over again. He looks at the salesman’s business card.

Bob’s wife comes in and breaks up the reverie. “Where were you?”

He closes the album. “Just a walk to the music store.”

She sets a coffee cup next to him. “Remember, if you get to have a new bass, I get to have a new acoustic guitar.”

His heart beats a little faster. Maybe I could do this, he thinks to himself. His breathing gets quick and the adrenaline rush hits him. He  gives her a wink. “Maybe we should take lessons this time.”

She rushes from the room to grab her jacket. “Hurry up. The store closes at six!”

Ibanez SR 5005 OL Japan 5 string bass

 Ibanez SR 5005 OL Japan 5 string bass

Absolutely amazing bass that will go head to head with any high end brand name. I paid 2500, get it for 2k like brand new

. This is serious 5 string that is passive and active.


For electronics, the SR5005OL features Bartolini custom pickups, specifically designed for Ibanez to have a deeper tone in the neck position while retaining a bright timbre in the bridge. By adjusting the Blend control, a wide range of sounds are accessible before any EQ is applied. Equalization controls include a 3-band Active EQ with a bypass switch and a mid frequency switch for the ultimate in tone management.
Neck: Atlas-5 HP 5pc Wenge/Bubinga neck w/KTS TITANIUM rods
Body: Wenge top/Mahogany/Wenge back body
Fingerboard: Wenge
Inlays: Mother of Pearl amp Abalone oval
Frets: Medium frets
Pickups: Bartolini Custom neck pu, Bartolini Custom bridge pu
EQ: Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band eq w/Eq bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot)
Bridge: Mono-rail V bridge
Hardware color: Gold


ibanez5string bassibanez 5 string bass ibanezbass

Fender Squire bass MB4 Skullxbones

Fender Squire bass MB4 Skullxbones

skull squire bass1skullsquire2






Fender Squire MB4 bass in good condition  I know it’s a subjective thing but I found this bass stayed in tune much better than the Squire P Basses I tried. This stayed in tune better than the MIM Fender P Bass I used to own. An inexpensive bass that stays in tune, sounds good and is not all beaten up. I’m a mellow guy in my forties, this was used at home only. It got good reviews, check them out.

-Agathis body
-C shaped maple neck
-P Bass split single coil
-J Bass single coil
– Pickup pan pot- Skull and crossbones graphic on body
-Skull and crossbones inlay at the 12th fret
-Black metallic finish

The Squier MB-4 Skull and Crossbones Electric Bass Guitar will give you endless tonal variations. The single-coil P Bass pickup up front and single-coil J Bass pickup at the bridge have a continuous pan pot between them to crank out growling, grinding, howling tone. Deep double-cutaways and 22 medium-jumbo frets let you soar free on high-note solos. Piratical graphics adorn the body and are inlaid at the 12th fret. Amazing quality for the price, with agathis sleek-contoured body, C-shape maple neck with 12″-radius rosewood fretboard, and die-cast mini-tuners. Black metallic finish.

Squier Precision Bass Guitar

Squier Precision Bass Guitar





Hello! I’m selling my Squier Precision Bass, Candy Red finish, with the strap, Roadrunner gig bag, a Live Wire instrument cable, and new Ernie Ball strings. This is a perfect punk rock bass, or just a solid instrument to have for practice and live shows. Besides the stickers, the only cosmetic issue is the volume knob missing,

squire p bass guitar

Ibanez Iceman Bass ICB300EX

 Ibanez Iceman Bass ICB300EX




Ibanez Iceman Bass ICB300EX in great shape. Active pickups.

ibanez iceman bass ibanez iceman bass guitar

Danelectro Longhorn 4 string Bass Guitar

Danelectro Longhorn 4 string Bass Guitar

Beautiful Danelectro Bass Guitar, maroon body, cream trim. Excellent condition.

1999 reissue of the Longhorn 4 string bass originally produced in the 1960’s.
Made in Korea.
A fabulous guitar: This model can be seen being played by Tom Petty in the 2007 video of the Traveling Wilburys; a rock’n’roll special @a great price.
With the radical double cutaway body design, the Danelectro Dead on 58 Longhorn guitar lets you access the fretboard completely. The dual Lipstick pickups of this Danelectro electric bass guitar offer a ‘jangly’ sound. For amazing control over the sound, this Danelectro guitar has tone controls. The adjustable truss rod of the Danelectro Dead on 58 Longhorn guitar can be altered at the headstock. The Clear pickguard of this Danelectro electric bass guitar protects the satin finish of the guitar from being scratched.  The nickel hardware of the Danelectro Dead on 58 Longhorn guitar not only looks good, but offers durability as well.

Beginner Bass Players Need To Play

bbgbanner8 bass players need to play

Bass Players Need To Play


If you are just starting out Playing the Bass Guitar, The second most important thing you can do  After learning some skills,

is Get Out And Play Because Beginner Bass Players Need To Play, When I say play I hope you can find a way to actually sit in with more experienced Musicians.

You can look for some open mics in your area, Or if you have some buddies who also play instruments, Get organized to get together at least once a week.

This will help your progress so much you will be amazed at how fast you will pick things up. Im sure you will even surprise yourself.

And if you are unable to find a bunch of open mics to choose from.

What I Have done in the past is look on Craigslist in the Musicians section Look for ads that are looking for a bass player,

Sometimes its just a bunch of guys like you wanting to jam.  And Of course you might not want to answer any ads that are

looking for really experienced bass players,

We do not want to bruise your ego by biting off more than you can chew, some times they could be a bit ahead of you. And just be honest they might be willing to help you out

And looking for talent like you have or willing to teach you a few things, I know I got help from some great patient guitar players when i was learning, it helped so much

You know how good you are.

And thats fine all bass players need to play, And so do other musicians. So do not get discouraged,

And it might take a bit of guts at first.

Im sure you can find a bunch of guys that are at or close to your level.

And if you follow this advice you will progress much faster I guarantee it.

There is another method i have mentioned before And that is the use of backing tracks. Backing tracks work great if you have no live bodies available.

You can get them in any style of music from rock to jazz. and some of them are cheap or free,

Hell look on You Tube I`ll bet you will find backing tracks there too.

So practice up then get out and Jam , You will really benefit from Playing with other Musicians trust Me…


1969 Lyle Bass Guitar

1969 Lyle Bass Guitar

Mint (as new) 1969 Lyle semi-hollow body bass. Dark sunburst.
Gorgeous workmanship, made in Japan.
Includes the original cardboard case, which is in one piece, but a bit
This bass plays in tune all up and down the neck. No issues, and rare
including the original bridge with string damper.
Beautiful tone, as well. 
These Vintage Basss Like This 1969 Lyle Bass Guitar ,Are Very Well Made ,Back in the 60s thru the 80s in Japan there was alot of competition between builders of Quality American brand Guitars and Bass`s this resulted in a whole era of high quality instruments. This was during the Famous Lawsuit times, Where the big players of the time like Gibson, Fender, Aria, Ibanez, Lyle And even Squire were competing for the very same customers. Competition was tuff and quality was very high even for japan, Who always had higher quality instrument factories.
69 lyle bass guitar69 lyle bass guitar



pbassfrom japanpbass from japan2pbassfromjapan reissue


Fender Precision bass guitar crafted in Japan circa 2002-04 in very good condition. This is a reissue of ’62 thru ’66 era Fender bass. 

The Japanese Fender basses are excellent instruments and rival the U.S. made basses for quality.

Plays and sounds great with the classic Fender P-bass tone. Weight is 9.2 pounds.

Sunburst with a Tortoise shell pickguard and the fret board is rosewood (Fender no longer offers rosewood boards). I added a genuine Fender part bridge cover.

Squire Jazz Bass

featured image squire jazz

Squire Jazz Bass



I’m selling my bass guitar. It’s a 70’s reissue Squier Jazz Bass. I upgraded the pickups to Lollars, they sound fabulous. This bass is in excellent shape, has been on stage a good number of times, and needs to be played. I love it, but I’m saving for an amp upgrade.

squire jazz bass