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Month: March 2019


Fender Zone 5 string bass MIM. Active pickups. Pretty rare, but not terribly collectable. They weren’t a big seller, though I’m not sure why as this thing sounds and plays great!FENDER ZONE 5 STRING BASS





The only reason I’m selling is to finance another bass. Finish does show some wear and tear and the volume pot makes some noise. I got it used that way, and since I’ve had it it’s never been gigged. Recently set up so the action is smooth as buttah! I really like the active P + J setup, it gets some really diverse tones.












Ibanez 5 String Fretless Bass SRH505F mahogany neck through body, individual piezo pickups in the bridge for each string. I bought this bass brand new pretty much sight unseen (except for online research).



It plays and sounds great, but not what I wanted so now it just hangsibanez 805 bassIBANEZ 5 STRING FRETLESS BASS SRH505Fheadback










unplayed on my wall. Bass is in practically new condition with just a few marks on the back. Has never left our smoke free home. I replaced the stock strings with nylon tape wounds to give it a more natural tone.


Fender Music Master Bass


Fender Music Master Bass

fender musicmaster back Fender music master bass 60’s-70’s the age shows a few nicks and scratches but overall a great looking and sounding bass 
Asking $1710 

Warmoth P Bass Medium (32″) scale

Warmoth P Bass


Roasted maple neck, rosewood fretboard, light weight tuners, tusq nut, maple body, satin finish, hipshot bridge, EMG geezer passive pickup. Sounds just like a p bass should. Zero neck dive and very comfortable to play.


Hofner 50th Anniversary Beatles Bass

 Hofner 50th Anniversary Beatles Bass



Ltd #112 of 150 


2006 Hofner 50th Anniversary Beatles Bass, limited edition Black Cherry finish #112 of 150. In like new condition, no marks or blemishes. Hard case included. Strung with La Bella Flatwound Beatle Bass strings . Recently set up at 12th Fret .



Fender American Standard Jazz Bass

Fender American Standard Jazz Bass 







Fender amstdjazz bass Here is an American standard sunburst Fender Jazz Bass. This has been professionally set up and plays great. Currently strung with flat wounds and sounds nice and “vintage”!

This is a 2011 bass so it does have 8 years of love but no cracks or damage. There is a small defect in the finish on the neck (see photos)

But it doesn’t affect the playability or integrity. Just a beauty mark.








I bought this bass used from Old Town last year and played a few gigs with it but found a new bass so it’s time to let this one go to a new home.

 Fender-American-Standard-Jazz-Bass-4-5jpg March 17, 2019

Kay K5970 Jazz Electric Bass

 Kay K5970 Jazz Electric Bass

Again they never sent much info with this posting but at least we got it entered.

Kay K5970 Jazz Electric BassKay K5970 Jazz Electric Basshead

Hamer Slammer series Bass Guitar

Hamer Slammer series Bass Guitar



Used a few times only. Like new.






Too Bad they did not send more information on this great looking Bass Guitar. But I have read these hammer slammer`s play really good and they sell for about 250.00 usd.

RARE 1961 MIJ Bass Guitar

 RARE 1961 MIJ Bass Guitar

 an extremely cool and rare 1961 MIJ short scale bass guitar.

-has one awesome vintage compressor pickup
-rosewood fretboard, lacquer finish
-maple body
-Includes original ‘61 hard shell case 




rare vintage japaneserare vintage japanese2

Learning To Play The Bass Guitar

leaeningtoplaybassguitarLearning To Play The Bass Guitar

Learning to play the Bass Guitar These days is one hell of alot easier than when I was coming up.

And we all know why  don`t We ?

Of Course We Do  :    Its The Internet Silly.

These  Days The Internet has replaced Many Music Instructors. Kinda Sad For the Music Instructors.

Because most of them studied hard  and made it through university and might even have student loans to pay,

And all musicians know making money from your talents can be brutal.

But at the same time this is about learning to play And the internet has been

Really Good for the Students. When I was coming up, Our choices were few and quite Far Apart.

You either went to a big high school That had a nice music program

Or Your Parent`s had enough income to pay for private lessons.

And I  Guess Very few Musicians  are so talented , That they easily Just picked up their instruments  and started Playing.

We Know those types don’t we?  They are called Prodigy`s And once in A While they come along.

Unfortunately most of us are not prodigy`s…..

But most people are capable of learning to play a instrument pretty easy.

And just about every level of player no matter how talented

Have at least some room for learning a little something.

And now Days The  New Musicians  have So Many options. They Can Pick from the Best musicians on the Planet.

To learn from. And any style of music they wish. 24 hours a day you can take some lessons.And They have the Opportunity to Quickly learn any style they desire.

And alot of times it is totally Free Too. Iv`e personally have picked up quite a few tricks online

That have made me a better bass player.

Some thing thats Really Helped me alot is practicing with backing tracks.


And it really has helped me to use Backing Tracks, Its just like jamming with a band, At least thru my P.A. .

Lot of times i probably would have not practiced if it were not for the fact i remembered i had these backing tracks.

Sometimes its hard to get in the mood to play when your home alone, or any other good time to practice.

But With these Backing Tracks there on my computer and its hooked to my sound system,

And my recording System All on my Computer I can control my P.A. and even my monitors

So you can easily be up and jamming in less than 5 minutes. Nothing at all to setup just grab your bass and dig in —

-to what ever you feel like playing First you got to get your Backing Tracks, And I don`t like to pay much for backing tracks ,

I try and get them free mostly,

I Get them from other musicians when i can.

Guess Im kinda cheap or maybe just Thrifty When i do have to break down and get some tracks on the run

like  I have  little time to learn some songs or some thing crazy i do know a good site .

These folks are affordable even for my cheap ass. i Dug up the Web Site put a link down below ,

And No I get no money for this so click away.


Professional Backing Tracks - Whether you're a professional singer in a pub / club or want to sing along to a backing track in your bedroom. We have a backing track for you! You can get nearly 90% off with a compilation or perhaps you prefer a music medley.

4 string Marco Bass Guitar MM Series

4 string Marco Bass Guitar MM Series

4 string Marco Bass Guitar MM Series4 string Marco Bass Guitar MM Series








sporting his basses on stages with Janet Jackson, MonoNeon, Ghostnote, Kenny Rogers band, Justin Timberlake and a whole bunch more.marco4-3





These basses are hot!



Hand-wound pickups to create a super full sound, amazing action for fingerstyle and slap, and fantastic tone control. This bass is an older MM series and I’m finding I don’t need two Marco basses because they are so versatile.


This bass has been used professionally for the last 4 years and does not fail. There are some cosmetic dings and cracks, but these have not affected the structural integrity or tone of the bass.




One of the cooler features is the glow-in-the-dark fret markers on the side of the neck.

1997 Modulus VJ4 Bass Guitar

1997 Modulus VJ4 Bass Guitar1997 Modulus VJ4




 a 1997 Modulus VJ4 with rare Chechen fingerboard and passive bartolini jazz bass pickups.
Bass is in great shape overall with some minor belt scuffs on the back and some marks on the bridge pickup cover from the strings digging in.
Really great bass to play.



1997 Modulus VJ4=61997 Modulus VJ4-6-7-

Ibanez Workshop SRF705 Portamento Bass Guitar

Ibanez Workshop SRF705 Portamento Bass Guitar


Here we have a special fretless bass, with a hard shell case included. Maple/bubinga neck-through construction with a rosewood 30 fret (!!) fretboard. But the tonal options are what make this bass amazing. Yes, it has Bartolini MK-1 neck and bridge pickups, but it also has five individual piezo pickups integrated into the bridge saddles. Specially designed for this bass, these pickups offer a remarkable “upright” sound for endless tonal options. It sounds like a doghouse



ibanez workshop bass-1

When I got it, one of the bridge piezos was bad. I bought some extras and replaced the bad one. So with this bass you get four spare piezo pickups (one of which is marked bad) and a spare preamp board, which I bought before I realized that the problem was the pickup and not the board. Bottom line: the problem was fixed and it now plays perfectly.



 5 String Fretless Bass




Ibanez Workshop SRF705 Portamento Bass Guitar-2Ibanez Workshop SRF705

Another small mod: Ibanez SR basses have a deeply recessed hole for the instrument cable, which makes it impossible to use a wireless rig like the Line6 G10 without a goofy adapter. I 3d-printed a spacer that lets you plug anything into this instrument, which you can see in one of the photos.











Ibanez Workshop SRF705
As far as I can see this bass is totally immaculate except for a couple of tiny blemishes near the output jack, also pictured.

The bass currently has new D’Addario ECB81-5 flatwounds to minimize fretboard wear. I’ve adjusted this bass with pretty low action and will gladly adjust it to your liking if you prefer. Also note that while some of photos show Dunlop Straplok buttons, you’ll receive the bass equipped with its *original* strap buttons. Two of these pictures show those original buttons installed.


Ibanez Workshop SRF705 =3-4-5

Steinberger Bass XM2

 Steinberger Bass XM2


Steinberger Bass Guitar, XM2 series circa ~1987, headless bass

One owner, lightly used, never gigged, excellent condition, Jet black with white blocked “STEINBERGER” lettering, original gig back with accessory pocket

XM2 bases have a larger, heavier body, and in true Steinberger fashion, no head …………………………..Tuning Knobs are at the Bottom.

 Steinberger Bass XM2  Steinberger Bass XM2 -2 Steinberger Bass XM2 -3

Steinberger L2 Bass – 1983

 Steinberger L2 Bass – 1983Steinberger L2 Bass - 1983-1


Original Steinberger L2 4 string fretted bass s/n 993. I purchased this new in 1983 and it’s been sitting for the better part of the last 20 years.





It’s in excellent condition for its age. It got a lot of playing time between 1983 and 1993. It’s been re-fretted once,


Steinberger L2 Bass - 1983Steinberger L2 Bass - 1983




but the new frets barely have any wear at all and it plays perfectly. Comes with the original leg rest and a soft case and I just put a fresh set of strings on it. This is not the original case, but is probably better than the original.

Fender AVRI Jazz Bass Guitar – 2008

2008 American Vintage Jazz Bass


in wonderful condition.




Comfortable neck profile, huge range in sound with the stacked knobs and classic Jazz Bass pickups…2008jazz52008jazz6

plays and sounds as good as it looks! All original.

Jay Turser JTB-1004 Bass Guitar

The Jay Turser JTB-1004 Bass Guitar


This is a Chinese made (like many musical instruments these days) bass in mint condition, with neck through body design, a volume control (with push pull active/passive switch built in), pickup blend, and 3 band eq (when in active mode). The blend and volume controls continue to function normally in passive mode.





Jay Turser JTB-1004 Bass Guitar

jterser bass2


The active mode gives you a wide range of tones, and the passive mode is nice to have in case you are without a good battery. You can also operate the bass in passive mode with a TRS cable to save your battery (which will drain if a normal TS cable is plugged in, whether in active or passive mode).


jturser bass3

The current draw is pretty low (0.57mA) which theoretically should give you about 875 hours of battery life (with an alkaline battery rated at 500mA hours).


The neck is straight, action nice and low.

Gretsch Thunderjet Bass

gretch thunderbass

Gretsch Thunderjet Bass
Like new. Mint condition. Original case.
Has flat wound strings. Plays great. Not a mark on it.gretch bass4

This  Bass Is So beautiful I Had to get extra photo`s

gretch 5

 Gretsch Thunderjet Bass


Fender Precision Bass

This is a 1994 Fender Precision Bass is in excellent condition. The frets are perfect there is no wear on them. I have had this bass for many years now. About 3 years ago I put Seymour Duncan pickups on it and the bass sounds amazing.pbass by fender




The bass was made Mexico. This really is an amazing bass. Call or text me with any questions or offers.
I have a 1974 Fender tweed case for this bass guitar

Tobias Toby Deluxe 4 string Bass

Tobias Toby Deluxe 4 string Bass

Plays great with fresh setup. Comes with factory marked gig bag. Like new with film still on plastic parts. It has active pickups. This is an early import model.

Tobias Toby Deluxe 4 string Bass1

Tobias Toby Deluxe 4 string Bass1

Tobias Toby Deluxe 4 string Bass1 neck