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Month: February 2019

Danelectro ’64 Bass

Here are the specs.

Danelectro introduces the ’64 bass, with rich tones never heard on another bass! It features a reversed double cutaway offset horn shape, with a long scale neck and master volume and tone controls. It’s stacked with one vintage style single coil and a lipstick humbucking pair, with a pull switch on the tone knob to split the humbucker.danofrontdanoback

Body Shape: Reversed double cutaway offset horn shape
Body Color/Finish: Vintage White
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fingerboard Inlays: Dots
Frets: 21
Scale Length: Long Scale Neck


Pickups: 1 Vintage Style Single Coil & Lipstick Humbucking Pair
Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone (Pull Switch on tone knob to split the humbucker)
Hardware Finish: Chrome
Case: Not Included
Country of Origin: Korea

Fairlane bass guitar

fairlanebassguitarFairlane bass guitar in near perfect condition. notice the jazz bass configuration  Dont have alot of info on these bass`s yet going to do some checking and see what we can find out sta tuned on this one

fairlane basswithampfairlane headstock

Carvin / Kiesel Icon 6 string bass guitar

 Carvin Icon series 6 string bass guitar. original owner and ordered the bass from the custom shop a couple of years back. It is an amazing instrument with a lot of great features

The Bass Specs
Walnut Body w/ Flamed maple top in Honeyburst Finish

Maple / Walnut neck thru construction w/ Flamed maple veneer in a matching Honeyburst like the bodycarvin6string


The neck is also an Asymmetrical build which means the bass side is thicker than the treble side of the neck and improves playability and comfort. 34 inch scale
Birdseye (Extremely figured) maple fingerboard with 24 stainless steel med / jumbo frets. It has side dot markers but no inlays (lets you see that gorgeous wood!)carvin6string2carvin6string5

Carvin Soapbar Humbuckers with an 18 volt 3 band EQ and adjustable Mid freq knob under the mid range frequency pot. It has the upgrade Hipshot A style bridge w/ Graphtech Ghost piezo saddles and blend system (100.00$ upgrade). It gives you a nice wooden acoustic tone that rings.
A white Graphtech nut that matches the fingerboard almost perfectly and Dunlop Straplocks to complete the package.carvin6stringheadcarvinneck

I’ve recently set the bass up w / brand new medium gauge Elixir nickel strings (135 – 105 – 85 – 65 – 45 – 32) and put two new 9 volts into it. The action is nice and low and is pretty even across the entire board. The bass also comes with a soft shell case that is very sturdy and doesn’t have a scuff mark on it itself

The bass has two dings since it was a gigging instrument. A blemish on the back of the body and a blemish on the top of the headstock. It does not effect the playability of the instrument whatsoever. Otherwise it is in pristine condition!

Fender P bass 1997 57 r.i.

Mid 90’s Fender Japanese 57 reissue P bass. Rare Maple Neck . Lefthanded. tobacco sunburst .immaculate. no scratches. never gigged. house played only.
a collectors piece. a player’s piece. .pbasslefty

lefty p bassbackpbass leftyheadstock pbass

These Old Japanese Fender or most any brand jAPANESE bass`s from this era are great finds well made ,With lots of pride in workmanship

1979-1980 Fender Bullet Bass Deluxe

1979 bullit bass

 1979-1980 Fender Bullet Bass Deluxe

Fantastic condition very early release of the Made in USA Fender Bullet Bass Deluxe. E0 serial numbers began in the second half of 1979 and this bass is one of the first 200 stamped with that code. 1979 bullit bass


The bass is in fantastic condition with a really nice setup that is low, in tune, and easy to play. Frets are in good shape and the truss rod has movement left in it and was just recently loosened (yay!).bullitback


The bass has a few minor dents and dings as pictured and a small spot on the pick guard where the previous owner went for the truss. I am the second owner and have had the bass for roughly 10 years. The tone pot is wired to be both a high pass and a low pass opening up tonal options for the instrument without cosmetically altering Fenders original intention. Comes with original case.  E0 SN was used between 79-81 and this is one of the first 200 in the run which makes it likely a 79, hard to say for sure.bullit fender

DR Heartfield Bass Guitar

drheartfeld bass

DR Heartfield 5 string bass guitar. Custom flames paint job. Excellent action, 24 fret neck. Active/Passive pickups with active/passive switch. One volume knob, one pickup balance knob, one tone knob. 1/4 inch jack plugin as well as microphone cable plug in. In great condition, rarely used and well taken care of. drheartfeldback

heartfeldinput jacksheartfeld headheartfeld head 2





DR Heartfield is a subset of Fender, made in Japan.

Brawley Artemis Bass

Rare bass with 35″ scale, three piece maple neck, and active EQ.

brawley bassbrawley2brawley bass back

We have not had one of these before But here is some info i got from the site :’In summary, Brawley Guitars combines Yankee ingenuity and global capability. Our American designs are executed in Korea using maple from Canada, rosewood from India, swamp ash from Louisiana and frets from Japan made from German alloy! This is truly an international achievement that bears my name, my dream, and my passion. I hope you’ll take the time to play a Brawley guitar or bass and see how dreams can come true.

Sterling by Musicman Bass Guitar

This Sterling S.U.B. Is a BEAST! When I purchased it, The “sub” logo was sanded off and a “StingRay” decal was put in its place but done poorly (see first pic of headstock).sterling by music man basssterling head  sterling-by-mm.jpg sterling-by-mm.jpg back



I refinished the headstock by sanding it down evenly, applying a new waterslide (decal), and protecting it with several coats of lacquer. Finally, I sanded the neck with 400 grit, 2000 grit, and then 0000 steel wool and treated the bare wood with teak oil to protect it from sweat and other unwanted oils. The neck is now drastically faster (smoother). As a used guitar typically does, there a few minor scratches but overall it is in beautiful condition.

Schecter Diamond Elite 4 String Bass

Schecter Diamond Elite 4 String  Schecter Diamond Elite 4 String  Schecter Diamond Elite 4 String 2 Schecter Diamond Elite 4 String


Diamond Series Elite-4 Bass Guitar with neck-thru-body, multi-laminate construction and high-end appointments. The top is quilted maple with mahogany wings. It features the S-Tek bridge, EMG-HZ pickups, 2-band active EQ, neck binding, dual-diamond 12th fret inlays, and gold hardware. Black Beauty strings.

Vintage Fender Jazz Bass

vintage jazz bass

Vintage Fender Jazz Bass 

This bass is 25 years old…I’d call that vintage.

vintage jazz bass

1996 50th Anniversary Edition. Made in U.S.A.

Four string. Deep, rich sound. Clean. All original. Studio quality.

This bass plays like butter ,With the old school electronics Sounds Amazing, Great For any style of playing Usually sells for 1000.00 to 1600.00  retailfender jazz fender jazz backheadstock jazzhead vintage jazz

EGC / Electrical Guitar Company all aluminum Bass

EGC / Electrical Guitar Company all aluminum Bass

EGC / Electrical Guitar Company all aluminum Bass

 EGC / Electrical Guitar Company all aluminum Bass

Brand spanking new EGC2000 all-aluminum bass, barely played and never gigged. Two hot single coil pickups, 11.5 lbs, includes flight case. I waited a year and a half for EGC to build this and it’s one of the finest instruments I’ve ever played.

 EGC / Electrical Guitar Company all aluminum Bass full view

The Players Notes: These bass`s are pretty rare and pretty expensive, They never sent much information on this bass .I suggest going to E.G.C. Electrical Guitar Company website for further information ….

Fender Precision Bass Lyte

featured image pbasslyte

Made in Japan. This is from that great bunch of basss made in japan back in the dayfender pbasslite


High quality bass guitars were produced back then in Japan if you ever get a chance to grab one of these for the right price you cannot go wrong
Serial Number is: V033861

Notice the P/J Setup these Bass`s have the best of both worlds, fender pbasslyte

fenderpbass lite head

Live Jams On Bass

changing pickups on bass guitar

These are some very interesting Bass Players with some even more interesting styles. Check this video out let me know your Favorite.

Personally I really can not pick a favorite they are all really good. A couple of them Are more to my liking as to type of music. There are def. some different styles going on here Whats your favorite?

I Do know this:   That chrome Yamaha Bass Is Bad Ass

That`s A Fact…