1963 MT-60 Vox Bass Amp

 1963 MT-60 Vox Bass Amp 

vox vt60 ampvoxvt60=2vox vt60=4=5 This is the 1st amp that Vox gave Sir McCartney to use after they got back from Hamburg I’m told. There are very few of these around since the germanium transistors generally self-destructed.


Those have been replaced and this is in fine working order. It’s actually pretty loud and sounds beatlely. I’m asking a lot because i can’t find a comparable price on a 63′. This has a 10″ and 15″ speaker but the 15″ was replaced.

One thought on “1963 MT-60 Vox Bass Amp

  1. We do not do many amps but when i ran across this old gem had to do it.This thing has too much cool.
    Just think where this old girl has been and what it has witnessed

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