Live Jams On Bass


These are some very interesting Bass Players with some even more interesting styles. Check this video out let me know your Favorite.

Personally I really can not pick a favorite they are all really good. A couple of them Are more to my liking as to type of music. There are def. some different styles going on here Whats your favorite?

I Do know this:   That chrome Yamaha Bass Is Bad Ass

That`s A Fact…

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Breaking Bad Bass Playing Habits

No matter where you are in your bass playing ,Weather you are a seasoned pro or a fresh new beginner ,Chances are you have picked up some bad bass playing habits, As these bad habits tend to formulate while we are learning to play. And whether its out of laziness or don`t know any better, These bad habits can really effect the way we progress as a bass player. In Fact some bad bass playing habits can actually injure you with out you even knowing it. Most of the bad bass playing habits can be acquired by players who are self taught.

Mostly because no body was there to instruct them and help avoid  picking up bad bass playing habits to begin with.

So just what are considered bad bass playing habits?


glockenlang 4x bass

Not in any order Because all bad bass playing habits can be detrimental to a players bass playing career.

Lets Start with posture : Most bass players stand up while playing bass, Although sitting down  is considered acceptable in big bands or orchestra situations. When standing to play be sure you have equal weight on each of your feet, Stand straight as possible with your shoulders back. Your left arm or  your fretting arm should be slightly bent at the elbow, and the thumb on your fretting hand should be just about centered on the back of your bass neck.

Just imagine like if you were hitch hiking how you stick your arm out with your thumb up. Using your guitar strap adjustment to accomplish this position you want your bass hanging off your body so it would be the same height  if you were standing or sitting,

Remember elbow slightly bent. We never want our bass hanging below our waist even tho it looks cool its a bad habit and can lead to injury of your lower back.

Wear comfortable shoes , We do not want our feet killing us while standing sometimes 2 or 3 hours playing a gig or even practicing .

Get help lifting heavy gear : This is often over looked while setting up or taking down our gear, Be careful especially if your not in the best top physical condition,
As many of us musicians tend to let exercise take a back burner to more important things like jamming.

It is very easy to get injured trying to lift and stack these heavy cabinets. Luckily the new modern gear is coming out with much smaller COMPONENTS. Making it alot lighter in weight.

Make use of wheeled carts or hand trucks, or even installing castors or wheels on our heavier pieces.

It is much easier rolling a heavey P.A. Cabinet than trying to carry it even for two guys..
Now a couple more bad habits a bass player should avoid is not incorporating your pinky finger on your fretting hand, You should make it a point to use that pinky from the start and build up strength in that pinky finger. You will always be a better bass player for this. And do not use your thumb on your fretting hand, You will see some bass players hanging their thumb over the edge of the fret board you do not want this habit it actually greatly slows down your playing, And many bass runs were styled around moving from position to position and your thumb will only get in the way of this movement. And another bad habit in my opinion is using a pick to play your bass, Now i know this is going to get the rockers up in arms, But im sticking with it use no picks! Its a bad habit!

And here is another bad habit mostly done by unwitting guitar players trying to play bass, They rely on the snare drum to play their beats or notes and not the bass drum. The snare is more of a fill or back beat as far as timing goes you will really screw up the beat of the rest of the band when they attempt to follow you thru the snare drum beats you create. The whole band will likely follow you right off the cliff.

Lets touch on techniques again , Now its a very good idea for any bass player starting out to just get used to the 1 finger per note style this means with out too much trouble you should be able to stretch your fretting hand to cover four spaces with 4 fingers, thats four frets covered in one position or one set. Just make this a habit it will get easier as time goes on.
The more I Write i realize this could go on for ever as more and more things keep popping up and by no means is everyone reading this going to be a perfect bass player but if i help even one player get better then im good. Because I know as a bass player myself im far from bad habit free myself.I kinda feel like im preaching to the choir sometimes.

sta low ThePlayer







For a very easy way for beginners to learn the right way to get a great start playing the bass guitar, Consider this advice from a old timer bass player,Take some simple lessons at home, You can study at your own pace you can pick and choose which lessons you want to learn and in what order you want them. The best part is at your own pace, On your time, Whatever time that is. Plus still get your important questions answered in very fast time like within minutes usually. And all at or below the cost of going out for a Pizza and a Beer. No better way to learn The Bass Guitar Period.

Aria Pro II Cardinal Bass CSB-450

 Aria Pro II Cardinal Bass CSB-450


Vintage Aria CSB-450 for sale. The pictures should speak for themselves, but some noteworthy points:

* this is the top of the line of this series produced by the Matsumoku factory in the early 1980’s
* excellent physical condition, just a few dings that come along with 40 year old bass
* deep tobacco sunburst finish
* set neck, truss rod adjusts’s perfectly
* just set up with new D’Addario strings, plays like a dream
* historical info can be found at

Editors Notes : As I have stated before this is another one of those Japanese Made Basss from back in the day. They are Fantastic Instruments, Make any of the new versions look really bad, These basss are holding great value if anyone is interested in that part of the deal. If not these old japanese bass`s play sweet as sugar too.

ariabassguitararia headstockaria bass2

Spector SpectorCore 4 Bass Guitar



 NOS 2013 Spector SpectorCore 4 bass guitar. The color is called Amberburst…beautiful!

It was won on a game show and the owner doesn’t play so away it goes.

Here’s some info I gathered off the internet….


it has a chambered body for increased midrange and lighter weight (about 7-1/2 lbs.,

a single EMGHZ custom split coil positioned right in the sweet spot, and a Fishman Bass Powerbridge piezo pickup system in the bridge with a Fishman PowerChip that allows for exceptional acoustic and upright tones.


Other features include a 34″-scale, 3-piece maple neck, a rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets, and rock-solid black hardware including a Spector locking die-cast bridge.

featured i,age spector
WOOD: 3pc Maple; Bolt-on
FINGERBOARD: Rosewood, with dot markers

Original NS-2000 body shape
WOOD: Genuine Figured Maple over Basswood Acoustically Chambered Body with F-Hole
COLOR: AmberBurst
FINISH: High Gloss

PICKUP: EMGHZ proprietary custom passive Custom split coil.
PICKUP: Fishman Bass Powerbridge piezo system
CONTROLS: pickup volume, passive tone knob for EMG-HZ pickup, volume/tone knob for Fishman piezo.

BRIDGE: Spector locking die-cast


1966 Ampeg Baby Bass

1966 Ampeg Baby Bass1



This is a 1966 Ampeg Baby Bass that I am posting for a friend. He purchased the bass new and has enjoyed it for many years and now he decided it is time for it to go to a new home. I was over at his home last weekend and he allowed me to play it and I fell in love with it! It is a beautiful playing instrument, is all original with the original stand and the original transport bag. the bass had a headstock repair done to it many years ago and it is in excellent playing condition. The bass has a couple of minor blemishes in a couple of spots from a warm heat register causing bumps to the plastic body and you can’t really see them.
The owner is a bassist who has been playing for many years and being 91 years old he has decided to sell the instrument so that someone else may enjoy it as he has all these years.





2012 John Entwistle (The Who) signature  Dean Spyder Bass.Mint condition with fitted Dean hard case.Active bass,Three band eq with blend knob. Volume knob is separate on horn.Neck thru construction.High mass bridge,Emg Hz pickups,embony fret board, Grover tuners.Made in Indonesia.Inspired by a rock & roll bass legend

Nelson Instruments Paramount Bass

Nelson Instruments Paramount Bass



2017 Nelson Instruments Paramount bass for sale
Bobby builds these all by hand in Minnesota. This guy is built with the Ric scale length and Ric pickup placement, but it’s still very much its own animal.

Walnut neck and body. Maple board. Set neck with multipiece body.

Handmade Nelson Dynamo Hi-fidelity pickups will give you a HUGE range of tonal options, all with piano-like clarity and sustain.

Hipshot KickAss Bridge and tuners.

Gator Hard case

Why am I selling this beast? Because I had Bobby build me a maple neck thru version. And I don’t hardly play this one anymore.


Sterling By Musicman Sub Stingray

4 String Bass Guitar By Music Man


New condition. One owner. Used and stored in smoke free studio. Was used in studio only. No gigs.

Mint condition. Thing feels, sounds and looks awesome.

Don’t let the price fool you this is a nice instrument. I mean I’ll take more money for it if you want.

They sell for $300 new. It’s definitely aimed at the beginner/intermediate crowd. But it records like a champ.


Vox Phantom IV Bass, 1960s

Vox Phantom IV Bass, 1960s 




Here’s a fun, oddball beast of a bass: A mid-60s Italian-made Phantom IV in pink! If you look really carefully at the chips in the finish, you can tell it came from the factory in red. That said, it was already well-aged this way when I bought it in 1985. It also had the Fender-style pickup cover in place of the original Vox bridge cover then.

There are plenty of dings, as you can see, and the extra holes drilled under the makeshift bridge cover. The adjustment screws for the pickups are gone (were they ever there?) but the pickups are held steady in the pickguard. These typically warp pretty badly over time, but it’s not too severe on this one at all.

This bass is old and beat-up, but fully functional: Neck is true, action is even and totally playable, intonation pretty good too. It’s a chunkier neck, but I never found it more so than a P-bass neck (and I don’t typically like those because they’re too thick for my taste!).

The New Elite Series of Bass Guitars By Fender

The New Elite Series of Bass Guitars By Fender Make for excitement in The Bass Guitar Industry. And shows Fender`s hand in the Direction they are headed,

Which one would you like to own ?



American Elite Jazz Bass and Jazz Bass V. Features: Noiseless pickups; redesigned 18-volt preamp; HiMass Vintage bridge, allowing either top-load or strings-thru-body stringing. The four-string and five-string models are available in three-color sunburst, Tobacco Sunburst, Olympic White, Natural and Black.

Fender American Elite Jazz Bass IV

Fender American Elite Jazz Bass IV

Fender American Elite Jazz Bass V

Fender American Elite Jazz Bass V

American Elite Precision Bass. Features: single-coil P Bass middle pickup, single-coil all-new fourth generation Noiseless Jazz Bass bridge pickup, onboard active 18-volt preamp, compound profile neck and redesigned contoured neck heel, HiMass Vintage bridge and new genuine Cattle Bone nut.

The Precision Bass model is available in  these classic color choices ,:three-color sunburst, Tobacco Sunburst, Olympic White, Natural and Black.

Fender American Precision Bass

Fender American Precision Bass

American Elite Dimension Bass V HH

American Elite Dimension Bass V HH

American Elite Dimension Bass V HH & American Elite Dimension Bass IV HH.  Not only with 5 strings but Includes Dimension Bass humbucking pickups; 18-volt preamp thats with 2  –  9 volt batteries with three-band EQ; asymmetrical neck profile;

hand-rubbed oil on the back of the neck;For smoother playing without the drag of typical finishes . You spoke Fender listen`s .

Posiflex graphite support rods run the length of the neck. The Dimension Bass models are available in Cayenne, Violin Burst, Natural and Black.

Photo by Fender

2000 Fender USA Hot Rod P Bass Guitar –



2000 Fender USA Hot Rod P Bass Guitar

But of course the big full story is the presence of the Jazz Bass Pickup.

This is what Fender has referred to in the past as a Precision Bass Special.

In fact I happen to own one of these Special Fender P Bass Special Configurations,

And I Think its a brilliant move to put in the extra sound that can greatly enhance the Regular Precision Bass Functions.

And create a unique instrument capable of dialing in a wide array of bass guitar tones.

hot rod bassFender Hot Rod 2000 bass guitar