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20 modern music basslines that became famous to this day some still are, these lines are recognized all over

Now here is a Guy Who has got down 100 famous Lines Non Stop You Got to check this out..

Live Jams On Bass

changing pickups on bass guitar

These are some very interesting Bass Players with some even more interesting styles. Check this video out let me know your Favorite.

Personally I really can not pick a favorite they are all really good. A couple of them Are more to my liking as to type of music. There are def. some different styles going on here Whats your favorite?

I Do know this:   That chrome Yamaha Bass Is Bad Ass

That`s A Fact…

Things Are Going On At Spector Bass`s

Introducing the inaugural Spector Woodstock Custom Collection, a series of 11 one-of-a-kind Spector instruments.

While each one of these instruments features the legendary NS design, the wood, electronics, aesthetics, and design choices have all been determined by individual members of the Spector team Yeah the employees sort of picked their favorite 11 Bass`s

Many of these instruments also feature all-new options for the Spector USA Custom Shop including matching headstocks, fingerboard binding, unique tonewoods, all new colors and stains, and more. And these classy bass`s mostly picked from a collection of 1 of`s and bringing them back is like new designs hitting “Spector Custom Shop”.

From block inlay, an oak leaf relief carving to the first-ever Spector to feature both a fretted and fretless neck, the Custom Shop builders have truly broadened the horizons of what a Spector can be. And you can go see what they are up to over there. But i have to give you a sneak peek come on

Designed by John Stippell, this NS-2’s features include:

Spector lil john bass

  • Solid Korina (Black Limba) Body Wings
  • 3pc. Maple Neck w/ Semi-Gloss Finish
  • DiMarzio Model P / Model J Pickups
  • Aguilar OBP-1 Preamp with Adjustable Trimpots in Control Cavity
  • Push/Pull Switch on Volume Knob to Activate the OBP-1 Preamp
  • Cool P/J  Setup what control with your E,Q, this is a game changer.

Take Care Of Our Instruments

 We Take Care Of Our Instrument

I Remember  dreaming of getting that new guitar on Christmas Morning,

It was the biggest thing of the year like most kids.

Cannot wait to open that big huge gift under the tree,

Its the biggest of all the gifts under the tree. Been awake all night I can sleep later.

Then at last its daylight, Time to wake everyone up.

Do you remember the smell of those Japanese guitars especially the acoustic models,

You open the box and that same smell, always seeped out from the guitar.

Its like no other smell I have ever smelled like part wood glue but something else too.

Hopefully not formaldehyde , But it was always good. Get all the gifts opened ,

Time to rock out. My folks had no problem keeping us well stocked

in cheap instruments. I can recall in the early days of getting new cheap guitars

 You get what you pay for.

Although we really tried to take good care of all our instruments.

As we got older quality and and costs increased. And so did the need to take

better care of our gear. No more throw away guitars,

Now we are trying to make them last forever.

Lots of demand for relic and Vintage gear. There are two things that

bother me most about how people handle Guitars… First playing without a strap,

And hauling around with out a case. I have seen my share of tragic things

happen because of  these silly mistakes. Hopefully people will learn how easy it is to take good care of our instruments. Always have a good strong strap that feels good to you and use it.

And  hauling around a guitar or something similar without a case is dumb. you could always make a guitar  case out of cardboard boxes  and duct tape.if need be.

Set examples with the younger musicians about good instrument care, Show them how to wipe down the guitars and drums keeping them clean makes them work correctly and sound better..Horn players are taught young to keep horns clean and rust free. Or they fail to work correctly.

It does not cost that much to take good care of our instruments. I`ll leave some links near the bottom of the page for great deals on guitar straps, and even some guitar cases, they will ship right to your home. please note: there could be a small commission this site makes on any sales from our links,we are not making a killing, it effects your costs none what so ever. and helps keep the site live. thanks for your support.



Backing Tracks The Way To Go.

When practicing your Bass playing Have you ever thought of using Backing Tracks ? If you have not used backing tracks yet you are really missing out on a great tool to improve your bass playing at a fast rate of learning..  When you get backing tracks ,Now you can practice any time of day

Even at 4 a.m.. You can get free backing tracks or you can pay for them ,I choose the free ones unless i cannot find something i really need, Then i will sometimes pay but those monthly subscriptions can quickly add up. High Quality backing tracks are in my opinion the best way to learn songs, They do so much more for you than tabs or music books, Notation is great but if you are like me and not a trained musician, Reading music and understanding it is very complicated , And figuring out the punctuation to a song the beats and stops and the rhythms can be very challenging if you have not heard it alot of times.


Bring on the Backing Tracks, You put them on your computer then you play along with the original band or some other band that is covering the song you want to learn.

When practicing sometimes I need to hear the song more than once to get it right,

No more bugging my band mates to do another take, I`m covered with my backing track i can play it over and over and play along the whole time. in fact i can loop a part until I get it right if that is what it takes. No more of not being ready for rehearsal or a gig, I can be confident that my home work is complete, Nothing is more embarrassing than not being ready for rehearsal or a gig,

The justified looks you get from other band mates really sucks. But with backing tracks I can practice so much faster,I`m always ready now

Its unbelievable how fast i can get ready for a gig. I Can even listen in my car, In my bed ,in my bathtub,Working in my workshop and Mostly just practicing.

Where To Look for Backing Tracks ?


Howie Epstein Bass Player Tom Petty`s Heartbreakers

This is a new feature on our site it previews Bass Players Who many of us follow their careers .

Howie Epstein


Howie Epstein Bass Player for Tom Petty`s Heartbreakers until 1992. more on that coming up.


Howie came up in Milwaukie, Born in 1955, His father, Sam, was a top local record producer who worked with various rock and roll and soul groups in the 1950s and 1960s.

 Epstein often visited the music studios, watching his father work and occasionally making recordings under his father’s watchful eye at a very young age.

He recalled, “I would go into the bars with my father to check out the bands he was thinking of working with, and a couple of times he let me use groups he was working with as back-up musicians for stuff I’d record.

He was playing rhythm guitar and mandolin at a real early age He was finding some success playing clubs in Milwaukee. He played with the top musicians as he was considered to be one of them.  Playing in top bands

The Craze, For Arm Smash,  and the The Winks, to name a few.His first gig as a heartbreaker On September 1, 1982, At Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium in California. But we are getting ahead a bit.

Howie soon felt he was out growing The Milwaukee club scene,And after taking a friends advice   Decided to take a gig with John Hiatts backing band out in L.A. as a bass player. Howie grabbed the bass guitar and dug right into it. As he never played bass before this. And  it really felt like this is his calling.

He started to really get creative on bass ,Playing in the pocket. and made his own sound. Howie stayed with. John Hiatt for 2 years or 2 albums. And all the while working those bass guitar chops into shape.

Howie Gets A Break

Howie gets the biggest break of his life, But he does not know it yet. He finds himself playing in the backup band for Dell Shannon as the bass player.  And one day ,while working on a Dell Shannon album, A Album being produced by Tom Petty ,Petty took notice of Howie`s bass playing and singing.  And they hit it off pretty good too. So much so that  they became close friends Petty kept in touch, And really good for Howie not just making music with Tom Petty. It paid off bigger for Howie.  Turns out Ron Blair The heartbreakers bass player from the beginning Of the first Heartbreakers band in 1979 ,was calling it quits . Burn Out.

Too much touring too much on the road, And he could no longer put up with the fast moving lifestyle. So he actually quit the hottest rock band of the time. And Howie was recruited right in to play bass guitar.

 fact  : Howie never touched the bass guitar until about 3 years before joining the Heartbreakers as a bass player. His first gig as a heartbreaker On September 1, 1982, At Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium in California.

He admitted he was just a bit overwhelmed stepping into such a major role in a major band. The transition was made so much easier due to the fact he was a huge Tom Petty fan that he knew all the guys and most of the songs, The vocals came really easy. And come to find out Howie and Petty had a great harmony between their voices. So we see many good things at play here.

Epstein  also played bass on recordings by Eric Andersen, Bob Dylan,Carlene Carter  Johnny,  Cash, John Hiatt, Stevie Nicks, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, John Prine, Linda Ronstadt, Del Shannon, The Textones, The Village People and Warren Zevon. Already a great resume. But Like too many great musicians the lure of dangerous drugs was ever present in the music lifestyle, And  Howie like others before him could not resist.

Last May 2002 Petty and the Heartbreakers replaced him with Ron Blair (the band’s original bassist whom Epstein took over for twenty years ago) for a summer tour, due to “his ongoing personal problems.”

Among those problems was a June 2001 arrest in Albuquerque in which Epstein and then-girlfriend Carlene Carter were picked up for driving a stolen sports utility vehicle and possession of black tar heroin.

Carter claimed the drugs belonged to her, but that charge was dropped along with charges of receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle, levied against both. Howie lived in New Mexico when not on tour with Petty. Lately Howie had been on a downward slide with serious medical issues.

On February 23, 2003,Epstein died from complications related to drug use. MTV News reported that Epstein’s death was caused by a heroin overdose. He was 47.

Investigators were told Epstein had been using heroin. On the day of his death, Howie was driven to St. Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe, New Mexico by his girlfriend, who described him as “under distress”. Epstein was taking antibiotics for an illness and had recently suffered from influenza,  And nagging stomach problems.

Words from the Heartbreakers are full of sadness and remorse for Howie who was a kind soul and we only know he is in a better place.

Epstein made a big splash in the producer role also jump-starting a pair of halted to a stop rock careers. He recorded three well-regarded albums for Carlene Carter, coaxing her back from a seven-year hiatus with 1990’s I Fell in Love. He also worked similar magic for singer-songwriter John Prine.

Howie Epstein was a very talented musician and singer, and producer and will be greatly missed. Said John Prine “he took two full years out of his life to save my career and i will forever be in his debt.


Epstein formed a creative and personal partnership with Carlene Carter following her divorce from the English singer-songwriter Nick Lowe and her return to the United States in 1988, helping Carter re-establish her career. Epstein produced her hit album I Fell in Love (1990), and co-authored the title track with his longtime collaborator, Milwaukee songwriter Perry M. Lamek.

Howie definitely left his mark and will be missed.    (*!*) 

Ibanez SRX2EX2 SDGR Soundgear 4-string Bass




This is a great playing bass guitar perfect for the girl bass player in your life

Bass is in full working condition. Has some road wear so please ask and look at photos. Has active pickups,

Ibanez SRMD205 5 string bass

Like new Ibanez SRMD205 5 string bass. Bought new at Portland Music Company a few months ago and hardly played. I’m primarily a 4 string player, but have been trying out a few 5 strings. This one sounds and plays really cool,


Eastwood Guitars Airline Jetson JR Bass Guitar

Eastwood Guitars Airline Jetson



This is an Eastwood Guitars Airline Jetson JR bass guitar . Its in great condition  I have not been playing much. The tone is pretty solid, and its built well.


eastwood bassIts a great bass for anyone, as the P-bass tone is versatile, and the shortscale length makes it easier to play with smaller hands! I also am including the Airline Strap


Crestwood MIJ Vintage Hollow Viola Bass Guitar

Since we are looking at beatle bass`s here is another one


fully-hollow, beautiful honeyburst vintage MIJ Crestwood “Beatle Bass” viola bass guitar. Loads of character, plays well, looks great, feels light, has held up very nicely.

No significant flaws to report, a couple of minor scuffs and scrapes and one spot of rash in the finish.

Hofner Icon Beatle Bass

Hofner Icon Beatle Bass 

1Hofner Icon Beatle Bass. This is from the original Icon series before it became the Ignition series. Bought it 15 years ago to cover a couple of gigs when the bassist unexpectedly bounced. It’s been rarely played since then


I’m a guitarist. It’s in great condition. I just put on fresh wound rounds and set up.2


Crazy low action, no buzzes, intonation as spot on as these types of bridges are capable of. Oiled the fretboard and bridge. No scratchy pots, plays like butter. I did misplace the truss rod cover years ago. Sorry. Comes with hardshell case.

Vox V273 Astro IV Bass 1966

Here we have a Vox Bass from 1966 looks to be in great shape here is the owners words.


vox astro bass

Bill Wyman played one in “Rock and Roll Circus” Beggars Banquet and Let it Bleed sessions. These are very rare and only appeared in the 67-69 catalogs and was the top of the line in violin basses.

vox astro @bestinbassguitars.comvox bass with case

Pot dates 1966 22 vox head stockweek making it a very early model with the VOX logo in the bridge, 100% original, with flat wound strings


Epiphone Jack Cassidy Bass

Signature model bass of legendary bassist Jack Cassidy (Jefferson Airplane) with original Epiphone hard shell case. In excellent condition.1


Very versatile hollow body bass with a solid block for the bridge. The pickup on this bass is incredible!  Sounds great for pretty much any kind of music. Sounds like a perfect mix between a P-bass and Hofner Violin bass. Very big yet round and tight. Perfect studio work horse! Plays like a dream!


Custom Made 5 String bass

About This Listing

Builder is a small custom builder of high end bass guitars. This guitar is constructed with laminated hard maple neck, mesquite laminated body and jatoba finger board.custom made 5 string


The laminated neck is a through body neck with double action truss rod. The neck extends tip to tip, no glue joint at the nut.

custom 5 string whole body

The body is highly carved, guitar weighs only 9 pounds and very ergonomic. The neck is very smooth and the oil finish does not stick to your hand like lacquer finishes tend to do. The body is artistically designed for beauty and ease of playing.

custom back sideFeatures a thumb stop groove and a clean body front clear of any controls. The controls are accessible on back right hand side near your right hip pocket.

custom headstock

The controls are neck volume, bridge volume and master tone. The two volume controls are independent of each other. The pots are CTS taper.

The hardware and gear are pro products, HIPSHOT “kick ass “ bridge, Black Tusk nut, Gotoh compact tuners. The pickups are a matched set of Bartolini J bass 57CBJD L3/S3 classic hum cancelling. They are hum cancelling even when you are only use one of the pickups. Pickup and control cavities are copper shielded and grounded.

The sound is deep, but clearly articulated highs. The sustain is crazy. It can handle dug in playing to huge rich bass, or growly attack . It can sound like a heavy rock guitar to almost a standup bass sound.

The double truss rod is a Hotrod 24 “ bass truss rod from Stew Mac.

Scale: 34 inches

Total weight: 9 pounds

Total length : 45.5 inches

Body thickness 1. 5 inches at thickest point.

Finish: 8 applications of non toxic pure tung oil wet sanded on each application and final wet sanding at 2500 grit

this bass is for sale for 2300.00

1973 Greco 4001 Rickenbacker Bass

Very sought after 70’s replica lawsuit 4001 with rare mini humbuckers., aftermarket Rickenbacker neck plate and original case.

This is of course one of those fake or copy of a real ric

and some like these play really good. You might be really surprised

Although there are some others that do not quite make the cut. so do your homework when thinking about one of these fake Ric`s, There are some Chinese fake rics going around that are really crap so look closely, This is a situation where you really want to touch and hold the bass, So buying online unless you know or trust the seller is maybe out of the plan as you could get stuck.

greco rickenbackergreco bass



Greco pickguard included with OHSC.

Plays fantastic in excellent condition.

Martin 4 String P/J Bass

Here is something we rarely see , Its a Martin p/j 4 string electric bass guitar. Its officially called a EB-28 Martin

Personally I have never seen one. But I Just dont get out enough here is some info i ripped off the web on the Martin EB-28 Bass



MartinMODEL – EB-28 FUNCTION – Electric Bass Guitar DESCRIPTION – This listing is for a MARTIN EB-28 Electric Bass Guitar w/ Hard Case.Serial Number: 4015Finish Color: Natural Guitar Weight: 8.5 lbs.Nut Width: 1.5″Scale Length: 33″Fretboard: RosewoodGeneral Neck Shape: Classic C ShapePickup Configuration: 1 x P-Style Split Single Coil (Neck), 1 x J-Style Single Coil (Bridge); Active ElectronicsKnob & Switch Configuration: 2 x Volume, 2 x Tone, 3-way Pickup Selector Switch, 2 x Mini Switches (phase, active/passive)

ACCESSORIES – This item includes a hardshell case with an extra back plate (black); otherwise, it comes only as seen in photos, does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION – Very Good! There are some normal signs of wear on the body and finish, including a few surface dings and some white blemishing on the backside; the front and back side of neck are in great shape; the frets, tuners, knobs and switches are in great condition, there is, however, some very light oxidation on the bridge.Martin eb-28.1

The back electronics cover does not appear to be original and is missing a few screws.

Overall, the structural integrity of this item is excellent. Guitar Case Condition – Very Good! Other than some normal signs of wear, it’s in great shape. WORKING CONDITION – Excellent: It tested working great! The bass plays well with average action height. It has a wide variety of tone possibilities with the active electronics. Martin eb-28.2

Telecaster Bass Guitar Build

telebass project

A While back I bought a tele body its for a real fender telecaster 6 string guitar.

so I was told  I got no reason to question it the neck is for real.

Its a beautiful body as far as wood-grain goes. It is made from laminated Mahogany it appears to be  a 3 piece body and about a full 1.5 inches thick. See pics below, Anyways I was going to build a regular tele out of it, But I already have a tele 6 string and im not even a guitar player.


So Im going to make it a telecaster 4 string bass guitar. Its going to take some imagination and some new parts but I think its going to be sweet. And the lightest Bass I own and im thinking of going fret-less on the neck.

Just cause i happen to have a fret-less neck laying around. And its going to be a right on the money 34 inches scale.

Im going to go with a single P Bass pickup, Just like the 1951 P Bass`s ,1 pickup near the neck and did they growl.

They just had the oval shape black with the 4 round pole pieces

You might be familiar with the look of these basss they had the single pickup near the neck and  some were covered with that metal cover every one called the ashtray the bodies back then looked more like a regular p bass body.

Or a strat style really but bigger.That is how they looked as a P bass , I’m talking a Telecaster Bass , Like you see in the images above

But i am going to use the pickup from the 51 p bass like i described above.


I will update this post as it advances for now its wait for parts.



 Well its now August 15 2021,

I Got some of the parts back on the Tele Bass project. Its turning out great. I Really went out on a limb with adding a bridge pickup to this Tele  I dont think i even talked about it before ..Putting a bridge pickup in i did not have a pickup plan for that spot,I was thinking of just getting a modded pick guard and relying on the bad ass 51 p pickup. Then piezo hit me in the head and i thought a piezo would fit great and sound great (wrong )

UPDATE : It is now feb 3 2002.telebass project

I Installed the 51 p bass pickup and also I installed a 1 and a half inch piezo. The 51 P bass pickup was setup for a smaller string spacing it has 4 pole pieces but they barely cover 3 strings as far as picking up my signal just too narrow and the piezo beings im on a total bitch the piezo sounds thumpy the whole guitar body echos from this piezo. So its back to the drawing board.

I Was snooping around my shop and i found a old set of EMG`s for a P bass they look to be in good shape

So i grabbed them down from the shelf, In fact i laid them on the bass and started thinking about

this a bit. I got a brand new creation sitting here in front of me, A open canvass to build my self something I`m really not down much …less than $ 100.00 U.S. cash.

So I do not have to sell it when im done  Lets See this thing is really light I would like to keep it that way. I am thinking a music man single pickup on the lower side of center,And a telebass p pickups matching M.M. pick guard. Not telling the color of the pick guard Should have new parts by feb 5 or 6th watch for updates.

UPDATE 02/14/2002 

Its Finally done after changing my mind 3 times of what pickup configuration i was going to use I finally settled on the Music Man. And really glad I did ,This thing sounds amazing Plenty of low end growl just right on the mids and treble side is amazing. And it looks pretty cool too.


Fender P Precision Bass

Fender P Precision Bass – USA American Special

Any body got 1000 Bucks they dont Need ? This guy has a pretty sweet P Bass all natural looks great, Serial number is smudged out dont know if its just that way or just for the ad we will find out as I have emailed him,

Pretty Sweet Tho whats not to like U.S.A. P bass speaks for its self

Mayones Viking 4 string bass

Here’s a Beautiful Mayones Viking 4 string bass for sale or trade.

Bartolini M34C-T (bridge) and Bartolini M34C-B (neck)

Aguilar OBP-3 active preamp

mayones bass


1 × Volume, 1 × Balance, 1 × Middle, 1 × Treble/Bass, 1 × Passive Tone

Miniswitch – Active/Passive Mode


mayones bass back side

34.25″ (870 mm)

5-ply / Wenge-Maple

Two additional graphite rods

20″ (508 mm)


mayones bass head

Swamp Ash

Ebony nut

About 9.3lbs



These go for about $3200 new


mayones back

Gibson Midtown ES Bass – Pelham Blue


Gibson midtown standard bass in Pelham Blue. Hard to find color, bass is in great condition just don’t get any use out of it. Includes original hard shell case and a nice leather strap.

$950. No trades.

From the internet:

Taking elements of their semi-acoustic EB basses and their Midtown guitar line, Gibson has unveiled the Midtown Standard Bass, a new semi-hollow design with a full 34? scale. The chambered body sports a pair of f-holes for a classic look, but the body is actually made of routed solid woods rather than a laminated top, back and sides. Gibson says having a solid center block provides feedback resistance, among other benefits.

gibson midtown bass

Finished in Pelham Blue, the mahogany body is topped with maple then accented with traditional cream binding. The one-piece mahogany neck is paired with a baked maple fretboard that also has cream binding.

The Midtown Standard mixes pickups with a Alnico II TB mini humbucker in the bridge position and a wide ceramic TB Plus humbucker in the neck position. They’re controlled with a 3-way pickup selector switch, a volume control, and a tone control. Hardware on the bass includes Grover Shamrock tuners and Gibson’s 3-point adjustable bridge.

GL Fender Tribute Jazz Bass


GL Fender Jazz Tribute bass, with new D’Addario strings. Bought new summer 2020. Includes new soft carry case. Plays great, just not using as much as I thought since I have another one. Built by Leo Fender’s GL company to look and play like a Fender Jazz bass after he sold Fender. Has a smooth, rich warm sound, or tone it to funky and punchy. Paid $500 which is current price at Guitar Center. Excellent for a variety of styles or skill levels.


Deviser J-bass Guitar

 Deviser J-bass Guitar

Bacchus / Deviser WOODLINE-4 ASH BROWN OIL Hand Made Series Jazz Bass type MIJ Item Description You can switch to Series wired by pulling up the tone knob to make Humbucker-ish sound. SPEC Body: Ash Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Pickups:

These Divisor jazz bass`s are exclusively built in Japan for the Japanese market, Talk about high

divisor bass guitar

quality that explains it all these guitars drip in high craftsmanship and the sound is amazing, At first glance you would see a Fender Jazz Bass, But a closer look will tell you this is no Fender. Its is definitely Something of a higher quality.