3 thoughts on “Yamaha BX 1 Bass Guitar 80s Vintage

    • Yeah Your right it was back in 2010 And i checked its long gone If you really want one of these bass`s bad.I Can let you in on my old trick, Its kinda exhaustive however its down to how bad you want it . The trick is no secret but it works.
      Go on Craigslist Musical instruments section ,Type into the search exactly what you are looking for and hit search.I know very obvious and i`m not trying to be a smart-ass . Its what you do next is the ticket .You repeat this for every city on craigslist same search same instrument, You might be surprised a real chance exists you will be successful .Like I Said time consuming though. Good Luck thanks for visiting ThePlayer

  1. I had that exact bass in the 80’s. I know it’s been a year, but – is it still for sale? Let me know here and I’ll figure a way to get contact info to you.

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