Warwick 5 string Rock-bass

Warwick 5 string Rock-bass – $500
This is a five string bass guitar. It has active MEC J/J pickups and active 2-way electronics. It is a great bass! It has a wide range of tones and is very easy to play. It comes with an awesome original hard case that is made specifically for this bass by warwick with a little warwick lock and key. Everything is in very good shape. There is a little buckle-rash on the back of the bass but nothing noticeable. I bought it with the intention of playing more five string bass, but it turns out I enjoy playing four string bass more. In general I have been trying out a couple different basses to try to find my sound. But I think I am going to stick to four strings. I would be open to hearing trades for other four string basses or PA equipment (amps, mixers, processors), studio monitors, a five string banjo, etc. Otherwise I would like $500 cash

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