Want That Fender P Bass Or Jazz But With More Options ?

Do You Like Many Others Love The Fender Precision Bass ? But Are You like many others ? You want something extra out of your P Try The Fender P Bass Special, Best Move I Ever Made. Its Regular Standard Fender P Bass Setup, But With A Cool Twist It Also Has The Jazz Bass Pickup . Trully the Best Of Both Fender Bass Guitars. This Model Comes From The Factory All Equiped Ready To Go.You Will Love The P/J Special I Know I Sure Do go here and look for some “> Also If You Own A P Bass Or A jAZZ Bass That You Are Attached To,
Its Not Extreamly Difficult To Add The Pickup You Dont Have, Of Course If You Dont
Feel Like You Have The Know How Or Experience To do this install yourself, Dont
Attempt It. You Could Easily Ruin Your Bass. Dont Dispair Though You Can Take It
In To Your Favorite Music Store, And I`m Positive That Even If They Do Not Do These
Customizations That They Would Be Able To Direct You To A Qualified Luthier Who Can
Indeed Handle This Conversion For You. And You Will Be A Happy Bass Playin Camper.

Then You Will Have The Problem “Do I Want It To Look Like A P  Or A  J  Bass ”

Change Out The Pick Guard Setup And You Can Go

Either Way, “Banging Down Low”
For Sure -(*!*)-

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