Peavey T-40 Bass

Editors Note : These are great Bass Guitars Made by Peavey all american company. Good ol U.S.A. Quality I can speak personally because I own one of these Great Bass Guitars mine is in natural wood finish.

peavey t-40 bass guitar

This is an all original early 80’s Peavey T-40 bass in red.
Everything works perfectly.

peavey t-40 bass


Does show wear and tear for its age but still has tons of life left.
Comes with the case.

t40 headstock


Peavey T40 Bass


EDITORS UPDATE : Today`s date is 5.02.2014  These  T –  40`s   on Ebay are now going for upwards  $800.    –     $900.  so they are gaining in Value and Demand.  Better Jump Quick.

Peavey T40 Bass with Hard Case – $390

Date: 2011-05-05

Beautiful Bass Guitar, It works, looks and Plays like new and has the original case.
I bought it from a buddy 6 months ago and learned to play on it, then switched to a jazz bass. I have small hands.
We have an amp on site so you can test it out.
This is a great Bass Guitar.

This is a 1981 T40 bass made in the good ‘ol US of A ! I have only seen a few of these in this color. Nice 3 piece body (many earlier ones were 5 pieces) weighs 11 1/4 pounds is on the lighter side for these babies. The original hard shell case is in immaculate condition. the electronics function as they should. There are 2 chips near the knobs and the overall condition is very good for its age. fret wear is normal also for an instrument of this age. Good Solid American guitar. Ash body , maple neck. 2 humbucking pickups, One similar to this only not quite as nice and in natural oak (Not sunburst) sold on eBay recently for $500.

Bottom line: this is a rugged, American-made, workhorse instrument that is entirely respectable and entirely practical. It’s got a blend of features that allows it to replace 2 or 3 other basses if you’re out gigging and also gives it huge potential when recording.

Body is three solid slabs of ash, neck is a two-piece rock maple neck, with Peavey’s fancy truss rod (functional) and micro-tilt feature. It’s got two big old humbucker pickups, which, when the tone knob is turned up beyond 7 for either, turn into single coils for that P/J bass sort of tone. It’s also got a phase switch that gives you AM radio tone on the fly. Only works with the PU switch is in the middle position. Both PU’s have to be on for this out “out phase” feature to work. And, of course, a standard 3-way PU selector.


Tuners are good quality and hold very well. Hardware is all top notch quality and good and sturdy. The jack is mounted at the side which means no broken pickguards!

Woods: ash body, rock maple neck with rosewood fretboard.

Fittings: 100% original… these pickup types date to the early 1980s on Peaveys. Hardware is good quality… very sturdy and well-made… and it’s an American-made instrument… what else would you expect?

Sound: big, warm, saucy… depends on strings. With flatwounds it can go from semi-upright tones to big booming rock tones… but when with roundwounds it definitely lets it explore more distorted and thrashy tones depending on how you have your tone dialed in.

Quick, cozy neck!