Steinberger Spirit XZ 5 Bass Guitar

MIK Spirit in brilliant red sunburst. Really great condition, Steinberger Spirit XZ 5


there is maybe 1 or 2 small dings on the body, and a small scratch on the back of the neck at the 12th fret, otherwise it’s clean as a whistle. Steinberger Spirit XZ 5

Neck and frets are good. These are getting harder to come by. Great for the bassist tired of a heavy axe. Steinberger Spirit XZ 5

I replaced the rather weak stock pickups with a set of EMG 35HZ passive soapbars with rings, at the same time I installed an Elek-Trix Jazz blender wiring harness – master volume/blend/tone.


 Steinberger Spirit XZ 5 The tone pot has dip switches that can be adjusted to 9 different cap values. They are set up as humbuckers but single coil wiring is possible. A nice set of 3 Jazz bass type knobs add to the upgrade.

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